Friday, May 22, 2015

Friday 5

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Mail Order
  1. What is your most recently mail-ordered item?
    I think it was these socks. Purchased because they are REPRESENTATIONAL! lol
  2. What’s a catalog you’ve always wanted to order from but never have?
    There are often things in the Sky Mall catalog that intrigue the shit out of me. Also, Hammacher Schlemmer.
  3. What is physically the largest item you ever mail-ordered?
    Gotta be Sparky's computer+peripherals from Dell four years ago. Definitely the most expensive thing too!
  4. What catalogs do you still receive in the actual mail?
    VS, even though I never use it--right into the recycling. Kohl's sends me stuff regularly. Beast gets all kinds of stuff from Destination XL. There are more, but I'm drawing a blank. Oh, Famous Footwear is always sending me flyers, too.
  5. What are some obscure or unusual catalogs you've received?
    We still sometimes get stuff for Beast's mom, who a) never lived here, and b) died almost 7 years ago.
    Also, my sister Jean ordered something online from King Arthur's Flour as a wedding gift for someone and used my address (because her English one wouldn't work) about 15 years ago. That catalog followed me from our old house to this one for about 8 years! And I never once spent a dime on their stuff! Fortunately, I think we stopped getting the catalog before she died, or that would've been quite depressing every month.

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Zippi Kit said...

Wow, catalogs followed you! It makes me wonder about this, shall we say, "Brave New World" we now inhabit. And, yes, of course, I checked out all your linkies. ;o)

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