Thursday, May 21, 2015

Amy, my usual supplier

She calls it it felt like the mistake was mine, for trusting you
  • Are you a good dancer?
    Hah. No. I always wanted to take dance lessons but it wasn't happening for several reasons when I was a kid.
  • Are you a good singer?
    My voice has been weird lately. Normally, yes, I'm ok. Lately, I sound like my vocal cords went through a cheese grater. It's frustrating.
  • Are you a good cook?
    Meh, I know my way around the kitchen but I don't like it.
  • Are you a good artist?
    No. I can't draw.
  • Are you a good listener?
  • What's your favourite clean word?
    Today it's "calm." Because I really would like some.
  • What's your favourite swear word?
    "Fuck." Go big or go home.
  • What's your least favourite word?
    "Sorry" because it often isn't meant to be taken seriously.
  • What was the last film you saw?
    I have no memory.
  • What football team do you support?
    Must you really ask? Go, Pack, Go.
  • Have you ever been bobbing for apples?
    I have! It's HARD!
  • What's your most expensive piece of clothing?
    I can't think of anything in my closet that's very expensive, or out of line with the rest of the clothes. My bras are pricey, I guess. And I have some expensive jewelry. I'm considering getting a really GOOD new winter coat next year. I'm tired of parkas.
  • What's the last thing you took a picture of?
    The origami I made at work today.
  • What's the last thing you drew a picture of?
    Something shaped like LETTERS BECAUSE I DON'T DRAW. But I do write.
  • Have you ever bought anything from eBay?
  • Have you ever invented a fairly unique meal or drink?
    I used to mix together different flavors of Shasta as a kid. And I regularly 'invent' in the kitchen because I can't be bothered to follow directions exactly.
  • Do you have any secret family recipes?
    Mom's mac n cheese.

7 sweet-talkers :

Kwizgiver said...

Consider it stolen for a Sunday Stealing sometime soon!

I am Harriet said...

I hate sorry! How about just don't do it to have to be sorry.

Cat. said...

Amen, sister Harriet!!

CountryDew said...

Sorry is a good word to not like. You're right, most people don't mean it when they say it.

Helena said...

The origami is well cool. I've never gotten past making aeroplanes as a paper art but I'd love to give this a go...!"

Stacy said...

Ooo...I hate "sorry", too. Nobody is actually sorry because they did wrong any more, they're sorry they got caught or they're sorry just to shut you up.

Zippi Kit said...

Sorry is a tricky word. Some people really do mean it though. You can tell. Origami is so beautiful! and cute too. Hope you get your normal voice back, soon.

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