Saturday, March 21, 2015

Survey says!

(Stolen from Amy...)

Are you a good cleaner?
In the strictly literal sense, yes, though it's not my favorite thing to do. Rather, I don't mind cleaning, but I'm awful and tidiness. In the metaphorical sense, I prefer tidy and clean, but that may be because life is rarely either of those.
Are you a good actor?
Fuckin' Oscar-worthy.
Are you a good writer?
I'm able to construct coherent thoughts with words, sometimes. People tell me I 'write good' and in one memorable case, I was told that I should "do something" with my "writing talent" rather than "wasting" it. So, there's that.
Have you ever been bungee jumping?
I think that ship sailed without me. I wouldn't mind, but I'm not sure my body would handle it anymore.
Have you ever been canoeing/kayaking?
Yes. It's far from my favorite thing, since I fear drowning.
What types of holidays do you prefer?
I like family/friend time and food. It doesn't HAVE to be a holiday, but it ABSOLUTELY HAS to be relaxed. Kids make it a billion times better, even if they are 'grown-up kids.'
What's the furthest you've ever been on holiday?
Greece? I'm not sure China was a holiday/vacation. It was supposed to be education.
What was your favourite holiday?
Duh, I just realized this is all about Britishisms. So my favorite HOLIDAY was probably one of the Thanksgivings with All The People here. My favorite, Greece? So many good ones. I need another one.
Where would your dream holiday be?
I'd really like to go somewhere alone, somewhere quiet where I could walk the countryside allergy-free, somewhere with blue skies and small shops to buy fresh food, where people are kind but not pushy, and where there are lots of dogs to meet and greet. A comfy bed, in a bedroom with a view. And flowers.
Can you tap dance?
Only in my head. And in a metaphorical sense when feeling threatened.
What's your favourite zoo animal?
Because they are really ONLY zoo animals for me, giraffes and penguins. I like wolves too, but prefer they be free.
What's your favourite sport?
Football. To watch. The only 'sport' I'm up for these days is bocce or "catch" and barely the latter.
What's your favourite pizza topping?
Our standard order is Canadian bacon, sausage and mushroom. I would like to see onions a little more often than we do. And California Pizza Kitchen's White Pizza with chicken and spinach.

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