Saturday, March 21, 2015

Blogthings x 3

You Are Intellectual
You are a person of ideas. Your mind never relaxes, even if you're chilling on the beach.

You are curious about the world, and you are always learning. You leave no stone unturned.

You are very happy to spend time alone, and in fact, you simply prefer your own company.

You live in the world of knowledge. You seek to understand as much as you can.
Well, this is not exactly surprising.

You Are Bright Green
You view every day as a chance for a fresh start and renewal. Even more so in the springtime.

You are young at heart and very playful. You learn and grow in this world primarily through exploring.

You constantly see the world from a fresh perspective. You are good at cultivating Beginner's Mind.

You are enthusiastic but never overly so. You tread carefully, always seeking balance and integration in your life.
I like green. It's not my favorite color though. I'm intrigued by the concept of "Beginner's Mind."

You Should Visit Valencia
You are a super laid back person, even when you're on holiday. You want to be in a city you could imagine living in.

Valencia is the perfect place for you to chill out, with its Mediterranean vibe and culture.

You'll love the beautiful beaches, delicious local food, and low key way of life. You could never leave!

And if you get bored of the good life, there is plenty of art, culture, and especially architecture to take in.
Thinking about going to Spain, seriously. My niece lives there. Guess I should add Valencia, eh?

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