Sunday, July 20, 2014

Sunday Stealing

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summer meme

Favorite summer flower:
Roses. Garden roses, not long-stem.
Flavor of ice cream:
Caramel. Peppermint. Birthday cake.
Mode of transportation:
Car. I used to enjoy flying, but it is such a freakin' hassle now. I do enjoy trains though too. Just not U.S. trains.
Seriously? I listen to everything. My Spotify 'favorites' list is about 35 hours long.
Favorite game to play:
Trivial Pursuit, but no one will play against me.
Earliest childhood summer memory:
Endless hot, sweaty, dirty summers.
Favorite drink:
Diet Dr. Pepper. I like Stoli too: neat, rocks, or mixed.
Favorite snack:
Cookies. Really, almost anything sweet.
Place to read:
Anywhere, but I guess bed gets the edge.
Most annoying:
I am pretty annoyed with a bunch of things at work, the place itself AND the profession at large.
How I handle the heat:
I stay out of it.
Pet peeve:
People who don't listen, especially those who don't listen because they think they know everything.
All-time favorite bathing suit:
I had a couple of teeny bikinis back in the day....
Best time of day:
Morning, once I'm awake-ish, but before I have to do any work.
Most romantic:
Taking the time to listen to another person and spend time in ways they like, good food, relaxation.
Summer movie:
Oh, hell, I don't know.

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Zippi Kit said...

Are you too trivial to pursue? Just kidding! I like your pet peeve. It might be that I'm guilty of it, maybe. It has a certain resonance. lol

Kwizgiver said...

Love your "Most romantic" answer.

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