Saturday, July 5, 2014

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Saturday Six.

1. Z is for ZEPPOLE: When buying a dozen doughnuts, do you prefer them hot, cold or room temperature?
It's nice if they're warm, but I'm not fussed if they aren't. Cold (i.e., refrigerated) donuts sound awful.
2. Z is for ZITI: What is your favorite Italian dish?
Yes. No, seriously: pasta, prosciutto, sauces, gelato...what's not to love?
3. Z is for ZOO: Which animal do you most enjoy watching at a zoo?
Wolves. I seriously could spend the day there.
4. Z is for ZOOLOGIST: Which animal would you most fear trying to take care of if you worked at a zoo?
I don't think I'd love the apes or monkeys.
5. Z is for ZUPPA: What is your favorite flavor of soup?
I really like cream of potato, or actually almost any creamed veggie soup. We had some amazing carrot soup in England on vacation about 8 years ago....
6. Z is for ZYMURGY: If you could brew your own beer, what style of beer would you most likely want to produce?
Root beer. Maybe ginger beer. I do not like "regular" beer.

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