Saturday, July 26, 2014


(Swiped from Amy)

I love... hot days with no humidity. I'm living in the wrong place for that, but oh well.

Right now I want... Beast to be healthy. Feels like I've been saying that forEVer, too.

I feel like... a slug sitting here blogging instead of doing some of the many things I should be doing: wrapping a present, finding the gift receipt for the card, buying Sparky's fall textbooks, weeding, calling a neighbor about mowing our lawn this weekend, catching up on so many projects....

I hate it when... I give into my baser instincts and let my id run my life.

I fear... losing my grip on reality.

I'm lonely without... the Internet. And sometimes with it, too.

I need... to go fold laundry when I finish this.

Today I... did more shopping at more stores than I was in over the last two weeks. I'm becoming an agoraphobe.

Tomorrow I'm... going to a birthday party. Probably solo. And that means Monday I'll feel like death on a stick again. I hate allergies.

I just... told Beast I'd wake him up from his nap by about 5:30.

I want to meet... my grandchildren. Not immediately, of course, but sometime in the next decade, I hope.

I'm hungry for... the usual: sugar.

I love it when... I get to the end of the day feeling like I accomplished something, anything at all, that shows forward motion.

I'm afraid of... pain.

I'm listening to... NASCAR.

I'm wearing... black shorts and my dark-blue college alum T-shirt.

I wish I was in.. Colorado. Always.

I want to get... Sparky's computer fixed before fall semester starts.

I can't... figure out why I'm so weirded-out by my boss.

I'm nervous... all the time. On edge whenever Beast is within 100 miles of home.

My Mom thinks thought I'm/I was... "a surprise, NOT a mistake!" Honestly, I have no idea what she thought of me as an adult. She never said.

My Dad thinks thought I'm/I was... turning out pretty well. At least he gave me that impression.

I'm happy when... I'm playing with kids.

I'm sad when... I feel like a failure.

I'm disappointed that... I feel like a failure far too often.

I wish I looked like... myself when I was in my 20s. (stole that idea from Amy)

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amy said...

I like these fill-in type surveys; they sometimes work better for prompting me creatively than the truly open-ended questions do. (And I didn't have to take out any that were thesamedamnquestion all over again.)

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