Saturday, May 3, 2014

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About an hour ago, watching the end of last week's NCIS. Oy, absolutely depressing. Also, I love Abby.
We're now watching a taped episode of Who's Line Is It Anyway? I just guffawed and clapped when Ryan threw his date out of the car for being Baptist...and a werewolf.
All the time. hah Actually, I don't think I've done any angry swearing today at all. It's been a very good day.
Yesterday. I lie on a regular basis while doing shifts at Reference: "Why, yes, that is fascinating information!" "Of course that question isn't stupid."
Got drunk?
Probably at least 8 or 9 months. Certainly before October.
Read a newspaper?
Just finished the local weekly this evening.
Read your horoscope?
I can't remember the last time I read it with actual intent. If there's nothing else to read in a magazine, I have been known to read through them all and roll my eyes. By the way, have I ever mentioned that I used to do people's star charts?
Had a bath/shower?
Had a quick shower this morning, but didn't wash my hair.
Had a cold?
Sometime this winter. But allergy season has arrived, so there's that.
Smiled at someone?
Bloody hell: ALL the damn time. I've been smiling at Beast ... and the show remains funny.
Gave someone a cuddle?
I have seen some lovely young people lately who've been cuddled appropriately.
Said, 'I love you'?
Earlier today when Beast left to get the first load of cra...stuff from Sparky's dorm room.

Who's the nicest?
Who's the funniest?
...I know too many funny people to pick just one.
Who's the most annoying?
It's a tie: J. or T. at work.
Who's the best looking?
Sarah O.
Who's the weirdest?
Who's the chattiest?
Who's the quietest?
Who's the most outrageous?
Who's the shyest?
Who's the kindest?
Who's the idiot?
...that could be me...
Who's the friendliest?
Who's the best?
All of them in their own ways.

What is a turn on?
A confident walk.
What is a turn off?
Sexism. I am not on earth for your entertainment, boys.
What physical feature are you attracted to the most?
Best pick-up line?
...does not exist. Be honest or go home.
What's the best thing about having a steady date?
Not having to find someone to go places with. Also, having someone else do the chores around the house you don't like doing. Assuming they aren't the same chores as that person hates.
What's the most irritating thing about them?
The little things: not closing doors, leaving on lights, leaving the toilet seat up, wearing clothes with holes in them (not all of these are about Beast)....
Could you live without it?
Without "it"? "It" meaning...? Having a steady date? Whatever. Of course I could, unless by "it" you mean air, water, food, shelter or other things on Maslow's lower levels of need.
Describe your ideal partner.
Confident, friendly, kind, willing to admit mistakes, able to express emotions honestly, healthy-ish, forward-thinking. Also, tall, smart, funny, and technologically adept.

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