Saturday, May 3, 2014

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Saturday Six

1. R is for RACONTEUR: Who in your family is the greatest storyteller, and have you ever considered doing a blog post about that person?
Oh, that is TOTALLY my brother! No contest, no one else is even close. He can rule a room for an hour easy. Have I done a post all about him? I don't think so. I could.
2. R is for RAGMATICAL: Of the locations you frequent, where do you normally see the most out-of-control children?
Uhm, my workplace...? Or perhaps random stores, though really I don't pay a lot of attention. Kids being kids don't bother me all that much.
3. R is for RANCID: How old is the oldest item in your refrigerator?
There's a three or four-year-old electrode thingamajig that Beast refuses to throw out. Of the food, probably one of the condiments would be the oldest.
4. R is for REFUND: Do you generally bank a tax refund, spend it on something new, or use it to pay down your bills?
Bank it. In the past we've donated the whole refund to church for various special projects.
5. R is for REGIUS: If you had the chance to meet one of the following, which would you be more likely to choose: the U.S. President, the King or Queen of England, or the Pope?
President. I'm hopelessly American Protestant. I have to say, though, that the current Pope would be fascinating to talk with.
6. R is for ROOM: Which room of your home is your favorite and why?
I love my bedroom--especially when it's clean and considerably tidier than it currently is. I also like the main rooms on the first floor: front hall, living room, dining room, kitchen. It's a big open area that just flows together.

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