Saturday, May 31, 2014

Friday Five

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  1. When you were a kid, what car(s) did your parents have?
  2. When I was really little my parents had a big army-green station-wagon, 1960s edition, and a burgundy Rambler. Then Ellen inherited the Rambler, and Mom got a '71 Toyota Corolla and around the same time Dad got a Oldsmobile Tornado. The latter car was a giant pain in the ass, but he was still driving it when I got my first bike at age 12; I learned to ride by pushing myself along that car while it was parked in the street by the sidewalk. Soon after that, he got a green Chevy Malibu station wagon and mom got a little Subaru when I was in high school. I drove the Malibu and the Toyota, and eventually that Subaru, in high school. No car of my own. My niece inherited the Malibu, and her sister drove it too. It wasn't a great car, but it totally lived forever.
  3. When you were old enough to drive, did you inherit any of your parents' old cars, share your parents' car(s), get a secondhand one by yourself, other?
  4. Oops, see above. I drove my parents' cars. My first car was the Toyota truck Beast and I bought a year after we got married.
  5. Have you ever been in an accident in a private vehicle when driving? When a passenger?
  6. Yes to both. Nothing major, thank God.
  7. What's your least-favourite driving manoeuvre? (e.g., reverse-parking)
  8. I'm not fabulous at parallel parking. I really, really hate driving in stop-and-go traffic in cities.
  9. If you could change or make one road rule, what would it be? What penalty would you impose for non-compliance?
  10. Hmm. So, the difficulty is choosing one.... I'd like to fine people for being jerks and thinking they own the road, but I'm not sure how to judge that, or penalize it. Maybe make the jerks walk or use public transport forever.

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