Thursday, March 27, 2014

Thursday 13

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Things Starting with J
  1. Journal. I wish I could figure out my antipathy toward daily journaling. I'm just really lousy at it.

  2. Jeans. I need to go buy some new ones. Those I own are too small. :(

  3. Job. I'm in kind of a drought at work. There's a ton going on, and I feel like I'm going full-speed just trying to keep up, much less get a handle on things.

  4. Jackalope. I miss the West. And I think I had this very same picture in my room as a child.

  5. Joke. Yes, those are a joke. I believed in them for awhile when I was a kid, because my brother liked teasing me

  6. Junk. So much of it in my life. Ugh. Need to clean. Need to purge!

  7. Jeep. I have always wanted a Jeep, but I totally live in a stupid place to own one. I don't see that changing. Ever. And that's a drag. Oh, well, another dead childhood dream.

  8. JalapeƱo. I used to always have poppers when we went to T0mmy's (a local fast food place), but I just recently discovered they also have deep-fried mac-n-cheese! Holy crap...!

  9. Jewelry. I think I will have to bite the bullet this summer and take all my rings to get them resized. My fingers are too fat already this spring to get them off (or back on) easily. The losing weight thing...hasn't been happening.

  10. Jammies. Still wearing my winter flannels. I've usually started substituting in lighter ones on warmer nights, but we haven't HAD any warm nights. The winds blowing a gale out there right now, in fact.

  11. Jonquil. Nor have I seen anything sprouting in my garden yet. At least I can SEE the garden now, though. The only place there's still now is the ditches.

  12. Jump. I'm very used to jumping up out of chairs (and plopping into them) rather abruptly, at work and elsewhere. This week, due to a bit of middle-of-the-night acrobatics on the stairs, I'm finding it quite difficult to move much faster than the average tortoise. Hopefully, I'll be able to jump around like a psychotic flea again by Monday or Tuesday.

  13. Jerk. There's been a surprising lack of them at the library this week. 'Course, I work this weekend, so there's still hope.

2 sweet-talkers :

colleen said...

Now we get junk mail and junk email! I'd have to add my son Josh to the list.

Kimberly Menozzi said...

I had the same jackalope poster as a kid! LOL! How cool! :)

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