Tuesday, March 25, 2014

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Saturday Six #518

1. K is for KAINTOPHOBIA: As a general rule, do you usually embrace the unknown of change or are you more reluctant to accept the idea of change?
I like change. Change is good.
2. K is for KARMA: Do you tend to believe that what goes around comes around, or do you believe things just happen?
I think to a large degree we create the world in which we live, at least inside our heads. If you do people wrong, and if you aren't a sociopath, it will come around in one way or another.
3. K is for KIN: How far from you does your nearest relative not living with you actually live?
My niece Katherine and her family live about 45 miles from us; my nephews James and Don live 45 miles from us. We form the point of a very wide, flattened V.
4. K is for KINDNESS: What is the last random act of kindness performed toward you by a stranger?
A woman dug through her purse to find me a pen while I was at the reference desk yesterday--seriously, we had no black or blue pens? Just golf pencils, Sharpies, and a red pen.
5. K is for KISS: How old were you when you experienced your first kiss?
I'm assuming you mean romantic. So about 14? I can't remember which year for sure, but probably 8th grade.
6. K is for KNOT: How many kinds of knots do you know how to tie?
Well, I can do some embroidery, along with general knot-tying. Maybe 10?

Saturday Six #519

1. L is for LABIOMANCY: How good are you at reading people's lips when you can't hear a conversation?
I find, the older I get, I hear much better when I watch people's mouths. I don't think I'm actually going deaf, but I do lip read for sure.
2. L is for LAMPADEPHORE: If you had the opportunity to run with the Olympic torch, would you? Why or why not?
Aside from the fact that I can't actually run, sure.
3. L is for LARYNGITIS: What's the longest you've had to go without your voice?
Probably not more than a day or so. Never even two full days. My vocal cords don't seem to be my weak point; just my throat in general.
4. L is for LID: If we checked your kitchen cabinets, would we find that you had more container lids than bottoms, more bottoms than lids, or the same amount of each?
I'm pretty close to the same number of both; I clean out the cupboard fairly regularly. If anything I run low on lids, since they break more often.
5. L is for LOCK: A security company ad promises its app will let you lock up your home by remote control from your phone. Given the rise of hacking, how much would you trust this technology?
I don't need it, that's for sure. This house is locked up unless we're actually walking in or out the door. We mostly use the garage door to access, so...don't need to remote lock it.
6. L is for LUXURY: If you were buying a new car, what luxury in a new car that your old one doesn't have would you most look forward to having?
Ironically in light of the previous question, I'd really like a remote starter.

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