Saturday, January 18, 2014

Saturday 9

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Best Song Ever
Unfamiliar with this week's song? Hear it here. (This is their official video and it begins with a skit; music starts at 2:25.)

1) Dancing all night to the best song ever would be good for the cardiovascular system. When is the last time you exercised?
Depends on what you consider exercise. I don't work out, and I'm terribly out of shape. My heart rate gets up if I walk through the library too fast at closing. smh
2) The girl in this song is the daughter of a dentist. "Dentophobia" is fear of dentists. How do you feel about going to the dentist?
I was at the dentist last week. My hygienist is good, my dentist is very good, and they give good painkillers when necessary. I've never been afraid of the dentist, and I've had plenty of dental work done. It's like the annual Pap--unpleasant but necessary.
3) One Direction performed this on Good Morning, America. Do you watch morning TV? If so, which show?
I've watched Today since college, pretty much exclusively. I used to be pretty addicted to it, but in the past decade or so, I can't be arsed. It's all crap, really.
4) Listening to upbeat pop songs like this one makes Sam feel young. When is the last time you participated in an activity commonly connected to childen (like swinging on a swing, drinking chocolate milk, playing a board game, etc.)?
I don't really like chocolate milk, and it's way too cold to go to a park and swing (and I think the swings are under snow at this point anyway). Board game? Not recently. I can't think of anything childlike I've done recently, but I do hang out with a pretty decent number of teens semi-regularly. Does that count?
5) One of the boys, Louis Tomlinson, was an actor before joining the band. How many different professions have you tried? What were they?
I was a babysitter most of my teenaged years, a shelver at a library, worked and then scheduled in my college's language laboratory, did lots of basic secretarial work off and on over those years, made clam sauce and other Italian food over the course of one memorable week, delivered newspapers for a couple of years, and of course Mommed. Oh, and all those Mom-volunteer jobs: PTO, classroom help, school store, dance decor. And church-volunteer stuff too. LOTS of Sunday School teaching over the years....
6) The fans that have made One Direction millionaires are also the target audience for series like The Hunger Games, Harry Potter and Wimpy Kid. Do you read Young Adult literature?
Uhm, I think a lot of readers of The Hunger Games are substantially older than the 1D fans, and combining that series with the Wimpy Kid books is quite weird since that is definitely more the upper elementary age group, not middle school or high school. ANYHOO, though, yes, I read YA books, always have. There have always been absolutely amazing books being written "for kids" that a lot of adults miss out on. Oh, well, their loss.
7) If this is the "best song ever," what song do you consider the worst? Tell us which song just sets your teeth on edge.
Anything, ANYthing, Mariah Carey sings--she makes me want to scream and throw things. I'm not a fan of Geddy Lee's voice either, so Rush is ruined for the most part. And Robert Palmer, ugh.
8) One Direction performed at the Royal Variety Show for Queen Elizabeth. If you found yourself presented to Her Majesty, what would you say?
Oh dear God I would mumble and stutter and be ridiculous, I'm sure.
9) Right now, is your life moving in the right direction or are you feeling a bit aimless?
I'm not sure what the right direction looks like, but I'm ok with where things are headed right now.

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Kwizgiver said...

I'm with you about the great YA books out there. The genre has exploded in the past decade or so.

Cat. said...

It's a bit dated now, but one of my favorite books is Don't Tell the Grownups. It's about how subversive good children's literature is. The author TOTALLY made it cool to read kids books, if only to keep an eye on what they're being told about us grownups! ;-)

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