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Saturday Six

1. What did you like least about kindergarten?
I loved Kindergarten! The worst day was the day we got Creamsicles (God knows why) and my tongue froze to mine. I pulled it partway loose and started to bleed, freaked out and screamed till I stopped breathing. All I remember is the aide whisking me into the bathroom to stick my head in the sink to run water into my mouth to melt the Creamsicle enough to get it off my tongue. I still can't even LOOK at those things, much less eat one! There was alos the day I tripped over the doorstop at running speed....but otherwise Kindergarten was awesome. All downhill from
2. What did you dread in elementary school?
E V E R Y thing. I was terminally shy and scared. I mostly dreaded being noticed by the other kids, especially the boys, because they were mean.
3. What did you like least about middle school or junior high?
Myself. What an awful period of life, for everyone I think.
4. What were you most self-conscious about in high school?
Boys. Could NOT speak to boys--cute, meh, or hideous--without becoming thoroughly self-conscious and stupid. I've realized, very much later, that I needed to pull my own head out of navelgazing long enough to notice what an idiot I was being.
5. What single grade or year of school was your favorite and why?
Sophomore year of high school was amazing. Hours and hours and hours of rehearsal in all kinds of weather for our appearance in the Tournament of Roses Parade that January. It was doubly cool because my brother had marched in the same parade 9 years earlier with the same director.
6. Think of the person from school you've known the longest and that you still keep in touch with: how long have you two known each other?
I've known Laura since Kindergarten. She lived kittykorner behind my babysitter, the one my parents found for me after the daycare place I'd been going got out-of-hand. We were kinda-friends at elementary school, but really got tight again in junior high and high school. Some stuff happened during and after college which I totally don't understand and we've never sat down and talked out, but we've connected again on Facebook and talk there several times a week. The stuff we know about each other, the memories we have together, the dramas we survived (often caused)....there just isn't anyone who knows more about me, so I'll forgive almost anything of her.
I went back to the questions these mirror after I finished writing my answers, just to see if my perspective has changed. Nope. ;-)

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