Sunday, July 14, 2013

Sunday Stealing

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The Wackadoo Meme part 2

30.] What brand of batteries do you usually get?
Energizer? I think? However, we go through plenty of Duracells too. It's more a matter of which I see first and which are on sale.
31.] Are any of your friends pregnant or have kids?
I will be 50 years old in a few short months. Some of my friends have grandkids!! One of my nieces will be delivering a little boy this month, and one of my nephews is expecting (technically, yes, it is his wife who is expecting) later this year. My oldest niece has an almost-four-year-old, and another niece has an eight-month-old. There will be loads of second-cousins running around very shortly.
32.] What is in your medicine cabinet?
I have a GIANT cupboard I use for medical stuff because our actual medicine cabinets are too small to be functional. The cabinet in my bathroom has deodorant, perfume, face soap on my shelf, and Beast's shelf has a razor, shaving stuff, and cologne. Sparky's has an old toothbrush, some hair gel, and...maybe something else, I can't remember.
33.] What's your favorite aspect of the natural world?
The mutability of it. It's never the same from minute to minute.
34.] What's your favorite man made thing?
Medical science, followed fairly closely by electronics.
35.] Can you whistle properly?
I can whistle a tune. I can't do the piercing attention-getting whistle, though, more's the pity.
36.] What song do you think is the most widely heard in the world?
"Happy Birthday" has to be up there somewhere near the top.
37.] Where's the strangest place a fast food restaurant was located? the sense that it is no longer there, or just a strange place for a fast-food place? To be honest, this question has caught me completely off-guard and I can't think of anything at all.
38.] What states surround your state? Or are you not land locked?
There is water on parts of two sides of my state, and it's in the middle of the country. If you're a regular reader, you probably have a general idea of where I am, and that's about as much as I'm willing to share.
39.] Do you own binoculars or monoculars? What do you use them for?
We have binoculars somewhere. I can't use them: they make me nauseous because of my glasses.
40.] Do you ever wish you had a telescope on the roof or attic to stargaze?
Nope. Not my thing, not at all. See above re binoculars.
41.] What's your favorite chocolate bar?
I like Butterfingers and Heath/Skor bars.
42.] Do you fall asleep easy in cars? How about planes, trains and boats?
I do. I can crash for an hour in the passenger seat five minutes into the trip. Aside from the fact that planes don't make it easy to get comfortable, I have no problem sleeping at any time while traveling, which is a lovely gift primarily because it keeps me from getting motion sick.
43.] Would you rather live a year of your life in every major country or stay in the same place you live forever without vacations?
Choice one. I like travel. I'm also becoming massively tired of being here where I live. I have now lived in this area longer than I've lived anywhere else in my life. This makes me incredibly sad.
44.] What will you not tolerate in a person?
I'm generally pretty forgiving, but I don't put up with delusion or meanness.
45.] Do you forgive others easier or yourself? Why is this?
Depends on the 'sin' I"m forgiving. Usually I'm harder on myself, but there are certain people and certain issues that are hard to get past.
46.] How was God made, if [H]e exists?
Admittedly I'm not young, but I was NOT here when God "was made" for cryin' out loud! Ask Him, or Her, why dontcha? And if you get an answer, let me know what it is.
47.] Have you ever done aqua aerobics or polo?
I did water aerobics when I was pregnant.
48.] What age were you when you learned how to swim?
Fifty-plus. As in, it hasn't happened yet.
49.] What shows or characters scared you as a child?
EVERY-damn-thing scared me as a child: Mr Bumble in "Oliver" (the movie and the play), loud noises, people who looked different from my family, darkness, dreams.... Then again, when I was a toddler, there was a lot of justified fear in my family's life.
50.] Do you stay up all night on New Years Eve/Day or go to bed after 12am?
I try to make it till midnight, or I hit the sheets by ten so I'm solidly out of it when the fireworks start around here. If I'm up though, there's no sleeping till closer to 1. Mostly I go to bed early so I can watch the Tournament of Roses parade in the morning.
51.] What's something unusual currently in your fridge?
Leftover garlic chicken--mostly the broccoli bits since Beast didn't want them. I have to take it to the garbage this afternoon. Too old to (safely) eat.
52.] How about your freezer?
I've got a rice-filled sock in there, I think. For muscle aches and pains and injuries.
53.] What could you be doing now that is more productive?
Emptying out the old food, cleaning the guinea pig cage, taking a nap, working on the project "assigned" at today's after-church meeting (Beast and I are splitting it up), reading, tidying my desk....
54.] Give me some lyrics from the song that's stuck in your head?
"Matchmaker, matchmaker, make me a match/Find me a find, catch me a catch.../...For Papa, make him a scholar/For Mama, make him rich as a king/For me, well, I wouldn't holler if he were as handsome as anything!"
55.] What's your favorite type of firework?
I like the ones that drizzle down like weeping willows.

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I am Harriet said...

50 is that age where your friends can have young kids or they can have grand-kids. It's crazy.

zippiknits said...

I'm with you on 49. To me there was nothing scarier than my whacked out old man.

Kwizgiver said...

There are so many other things I should be doing. Always.

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