Saturday, April 27, 2013

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Saturday Six

1. What basic non-food household item do you most hate to run out of?
Well, not having TP in the house pretty much sucks.
2. Which food do you hate to run out of in your pantry?
Bread, or bread products. It's not good when we have none.
3. Which piece of technology in your home do you think you'd have the hardest time living without?
Honestly, it's probably something like lamps. We live in an area without a lot of street-lights, so it's very dark at night. In the winter, too, it tends to be dark around here--between cloud cover and short days--so I literally crave light.
4. What's the longest amount of time you've gone without power?
I think we went 3 days before we broke down and got a generator. When we lose power, we lose water too (we're on a well powered by an electric pump), so it gets ugly fairly quickly. Also, Beast uses a BiPAP so he needs electricity to sleep these days.
5. Would you find it easier to lose your cell phone or your internet service for one year?
I'd quit the phone, or at least the actual calling/texting/messaging parts. I like accessing the internet on the phone though. Actually, being able to do that this a.m. saved me a wasted trip since I assumed the place I was visiting was where it was 3 years ago. It's actually a mile away in a different strip mall.
6. What beverage would you have the hardest time going without for a year?

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