Saturday, February 9, 2013

Saturday 9

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The Way We Were

1) In honor of Valentine's Day next week, what's the most romantic movie you can think of?
Of those I've seen, I have to hand it to Dr. Zhivago for making frigid cold look sexy, which it's decidedly NOT. But yeah, a great love story, among other things.
2) The Way We Were was a tearjerker. Do you think that most real-life love stories end in heartbreak? Or do you believe in happily ever after?
I do NOT believe in "happily ever after" at all! I do think that love means there will be heartbreak, because no one can live up to the perception of those first heady days of head-over-heels attraction. Eventually, the loved one will do something dumb/hurtful. That's when the rubber meets the road: is it love or just being-in-love-with-love?
3) What's your favorite love song?
"You're My Home" by Billy Joel and "The Sweetest Thing" by U2, though I also really like "Fuckin' Perfect" by Pink a whole lot.
4) In 1993, Barbra Streisand married actor James Brolin, who first became famous as Dr. Steven Kiley on Marcus Welby, MD. Who is your favorite TV doctor?
lol This is going to sound weird, but I really like Dr. G for her no-nonsense attitude and dedication to truth and kindness. In the spirit of the question, however, I'll toss in Dr. Kova─Ź from ER. Ooh, the naughty thoughts about him...!
5) In 2012, Streisand renewed her contract with Columbia, where's she's been recording since 1963. So she's been with the same label for fifty years! Where have you worked the longest, and how long was that?
Well, I've been at my current place of work for 17 years, I've been a mom for 20 (unless you count pregnancy as part of momhood), and a wife for 26.5. I only get financially recompensed for one of those, of course.
6) Sam Winters once worked as a hostess in a chic bistro in Worcester, PA. That's why she frequently gets frustrated by bad service in restaurants -- she's certain she could make it run more smoothly. Where do you find yourself getting annoyed most often?
I don't really get annoyed in retail establishments very often, certainly not at the staff (unless they're just unpleasant or stupid). I do get irritated with other shoppers, however. And drivers who aren't paying attention make me INSANE with frustration! Seriously: hang up and drive!
7) Have you ever taken a polygraph test?
Nope. I wonder if I'd pass?
8) Crunchy, smooth or organic peanut butter?
Smooth. Peter Pan or Jif, either one is fine.
9) Describe your favorite sweater.
It's all stretched out, cozy, comfy, a little snagged and torn in spots, soft and WARM. It's an odd combination of maroons and dark green and blue stripes with a heavy turtleneck. It's also reserved for the really yucky and/or coldest days. Mostly I wear fleece in the winter; less itchy than anything else I can find, though I'm thinking a couple of silk long-sleeved undershirts may be my next purchase. I'm ripping the skin off my arms and torso like mad this year!

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Bud Weiser, WTIT said...

My cardiologist is Dr. Kosack. When I first was her patient I had to concentrate no to call her Dr. Kovac...

The Gal Herself said...

Your sweater sounds ideal!

I am Harriet said...

Mom and wife are indeed very important jobs.
Have a great rest of your day.

Kwizgiver said...

Your peanut butter answer made me realize I don't think I've ever tried any peanut butter than Jif.

jen @ grown in southern ground said...

Dr. Zhivago is a great movie!

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