Saturday, February 9, 2013

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Saturday Six

1. W is for WAKING: What time do you usually get up if you truly consider yourself having "slept in?"
I rarely make it much past 8, though it depends on how late I was up the night before. Today, my internal alarm woke up me at pretty much 8 on the dot, even though I was up for an hour between 2 and 3 after Beast's new CPAP hose came off the mask and it took him several minutes to reconnect it.
2. W is for WALKING: How much time do you spend walking in a typical day?
Not nearly enough. Probably tops out at an hour or so on a big day, and not all at once.
3. W is for WARMONGER: Do you tend to be the hothead who's ready to fight or the peacemaker?
I tend to pop off verbally quite quickly (YAY for having a short fuse!), but I'm generally the peacemaker in most situations. I nearly always apologize first if I get into an argument with someone, unless someone stokes my anger. It's really hard for me not to apologize first, usually.
4. W is for WEDDING: What would be your "dream site" to hold a wedding?
A pretty church. I'm a traditionalist who doesn't really care for all the folderol that has become necessary for what most people consider simply a legal rite.
5. W is for WRINKLE: When you look in the mirror, do you feel that you look younger than you really are, older than you really are, or about the age you really are?
I have no idea what I'm "supposed" to look like at 49, but since that's what age I am, that's what I look like. This is not exactly high on my radar of Things To Think About.
6. W is for WRITE: How often do you hand write a letter to a friend or relative?
Uhm, pretty much never. We didn't even send Christmas cards this year....

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