Saturday, December 11, 2010

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Saturday 6

1. When do you usually buy your Christmas cards: leading up to the time to mail them or at the half-off counter the day after Christmas?
ALWAYS after Christmas. I haven't bought cards before Christmas in decades. In fact, a couple of years, I haven't bought cards at all: we had so many leftovers from years past that we just used them up.
2. What store do you most prefer to avoid when you shop?
...for Christmas? There's not just one store, but I try to avoid weekends or evenings, and I never do Black Friday.
3. How likely do you buy a little something for yourself while you’re shopping for everyone else?
Heh. Caught me. Actually, though, when I'm Christmas shopping, I don't really do that very often, unless we're talking about a bottle of pop or a candy bar.
4. You find what you consider a perfect gift for a close friend, but it costs about twice what you want to pay: would you buy it anyway?
Uhm, maybe? It totally depends on a great number of circumstances. I probably would, though.
5. Take the quiz: Do You Spend Like a Santa or a Scrooge?
[SO shocking, eh?]
You Spend Sensibly
You love to shop for holiday presents, but you are above all a savvy shopper.
You know you don't have to spend a fortune to get the perfect gift, and you'll shop around to find the right thing at the right price.
You prefer gifts that people actually want to receive to gifts that dazzle or impress.
You hope that your gifts stand the test of time. If someone keeps your gift for years, you consider it a success!
"Sensible" does NOT equate to "savvy" in my book. Time is money.
6. How do you feel about shopping this time of year: do you dread it like a root canal or are you raring to go at every opportunity?
Dread it. I don't like to shop under the best circumstances, and crowds make it worse. However, I've noticed that there aren't as many crowds this year. Yay from a personal standpoint. Not so great for the economy, though.

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