Monday, August 2, 2010

Manic Monday

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What are your 10 greatest joys in life?
In absolutely no particular order: books, my family, sunshine, laughter, friends, people who do their jobs well and joyfully, good food, babies and children, music, games.
I'll never do _______ again and here's why:
I am unlikely to work for a crazy person again because it would probably kill me. If I didn't end up in jail for murder first.
What's the coolest piece of technology you work or play with?
I work with a lot of cool things; most of them are websites that make my job so much easier. I can't think of a piece of technology that is outrageously cool. A barcode scanner? A widescreen monitor? An awesome fast laptop? A copier that does everything but wash windows (and frequently does stuff wrong, because we don't know how to use it properly)? A fridge with water and ice in the door? A camera the size of a credit card?

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p.s. bohemian said...

love your ten things :)

i've started a new meme Sunday SnapShots - love to have you join in!

Kwizgiver said...

Great list of ten... we are similar!

And your list of technology is more question than answer. ;-)

Frances said...

Know what? Fridges with ice and water in the door are cool bits of technology.
And I am so with you on the working for crazy people thing - it's why when I do work that I work for myself.
So nice to have met you.
Have a fabulous week.

Vanniedosa said...

a copier that washer windows???LOL
great 10! have a great week ahead.

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