Saturday, May 29, 2010

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Saturday 6

1. Which would you rather be without: your teeth or your hair?
My hair. Wigs are reasonable and functional; fake teeth are not. Or at least not as much.
2. If you had to lose one, would you lose an arm or a leg?
Leg. I don't use my legs for the detail work I need my arms (ok, hands) for.
3. Would you rather have a beat-up jalopy that never breaks down or a stylish sports car that breaks down at least once a month?
Jalopy. It's what I drive now, basically.
4. Would you rather be able to write well or speak well?
Write. Lasts longer. I have issues with talking now at times, so it wouldn't be a great loss anyway.
5. God offers you the chance to meet him in person, which would require you to be the strictest of his followers: would you rather meet him and accept that responsibility, or not meet him and live on faith?
The latter. I'm big on living on faith; why change now?
6. Take the quiz: The Either Or Love Test?
I did this a couple of days ago, and my result is here.

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