Saturday, May 16, 2009

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Saturday 6

1. Which room in your home needs the most cleaning attention right now?
This main room--living room/dining room/kitchen--needs top to bottom dusting and the floors could use attention. The kitchen counters are a bit stacked up too. But I did get the bathrooms cleaned and the dishes done before I turned on the computer.
2. As a general rule, which room is usually the most spotless?
In my house?! Hah! Nothing in the house is actually dirty but we are rather cluttered. Our bedroom is the best in this respect, but it could use a good dusting too. Sigh.
3. Which single room of your home do you generally spend the most time in when you’re home?
The living room.
4. If you learned that a portrait was going to be taken of you in your home, which room would you choose to have it made in and why?
Living room. Fireplace in the background. <--screaming middle class, no?
5. Take the quiz: What Room of the House Are You?
I was the living room. Shocked? huh
6. What is the newest thing in the room that is the answer to Question #5?
The most recent edition of our local weekly paper, I guess. Or maybe the cans of pop that Sparky and I are drinking? In terms of furniture, I guess the Wii and all its equipmment.

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