Saturday, June 14, 2008

Saturday 9

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Happy Father's Day Eve

1. How long since you have been with your dad?
According to this site, it looks like just about 5,000 days. I can't remember what day I left their house to come back home after helping Mom & Dad pack for their move. If you want to count the brief moments I spent with him in the funeral home, it looks like about 4,950 days.
2. How many siblings share your dad?
Dad had five kids in total.
3. Will you see your dad tomorrow?
That's doubtful, unless there's a horrific car crash or something.
4. Do you give him gifts on Father’s Day?
Not so much anymore. I always DID give him gifts--which he always pooh-poohed--but all I do now is think about him a lot on Father's Day and his birthday.
5. Have you ever had a tough time in your relationship with your father?
Dad and I were always aces. I don't remember him every being really angry with me.
6. What was the last thing that you did with your dad?
Hugged him before I got on the airplane. Talked (not enough). Listened (not enough). Watched him play with my son (NOT enough!!). The latter is by far the biggest regret I have around my dad--he didn't get to spend much time with Sparky, the only grandchild (or child) to get my dad's auburn hair. ...and now I'm crying...
7. Growing up, was your dad tough on you?
He was strict and there were definite boundaries, but see my response to #5. He would get irritated with me, and annoyed, but he never ever shouted at me or spanked me for being bad. He was tough-but-loving. And he could be weirdly silly--he was NOT a silly man, but I suddenly am picturing him with the giggles during one of my brother's goofy stories....
8. Are you close to your father?
Yes. I hope so. I miss him.
9. How long since you have spoke to him?
I speak at him regularly, but it's been a long time since I heard him speak back. Probably about 4,970 days, which would have been his last birthday, when he turned 75. There was that time in 1995 or so when I swear I heard him say my name with some annoyance, as if he were waiting on me to do something. But I'm not counting that, because it's just weird.

Happy Father's Day, Daddy.
I love you forever.

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