Monday, April 7, 2008

Give Me Five Monday

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Give Me Five favorite candies, of all time or currently.
  1. I love me some Smarties. I lived on them when I was a kid, and I had a whole ritual around them involving a brass lidded dish. I now own that dish, but God knows where it is!
  2. I'm eating some right now. I have gotten sick on these so many times that it's not even funny. And yet, I still keep eating them. Yum.
  3. Like the Twizzlers, I've gotten sick on fudge--my mom's only. Storebought fudge isn't the same. Luckily, I have Mom's recipe. I rarely use it--because then I'll eat it. All. Up.
  4. This is my candy bar of choice whenever I need a quick fix. I wish they weren't so crumbly. but, yummmmm.
  5. These may be listed last but since I only get them infrequently they may be my favorite.

    Every wedding I was at as a child had these sorts of mints on the reception tables. DELISH! When it was time for me to get married, I couldn't explain what I wanted to the local caterers and I ended up with chocolate mints, which I fucking LOATHE! Years pass, then decades. Last summer my niece got married and on the reception tables were plates of these mints. Now I know what they are called, and I will be learning to make them. They are, simply, melt-in-your mouth diabetes-kickstarts. I'm almost swooning talking about them. Maybe I'll whip some up today....

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