Saturday, January 16, 2021

Saturday 9

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Thank U, Next (2018) 
 Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here

1) In this song, Ariana Grande thanks her former boyfriends for what they taught her about love, life, patience and pain. Do you believe you have learned more from your successes, or your mistakes? 
Sadly, I seem to only learn from hard times, i.e. mistakes. Right now I'm facing a complete personality overhaul so I don't lose my job.
2) One of the young men mentioned in the song is Pete Davidson, a cast member of Saturday Night Live. SNL has been on for more than 45 years now. Who is your all-time favorite cast member? 
Gilda. Though Kate McKinnon is pretty amazing.
3) Thinking of funny people ... As you can see from the video, Ariana performed "Thank U, Next" on Ellen Degeneres' talk show. Ellen makes people laugh every afternoon. Who in your life can you always count on to make you laugh or smile? 
I got a call Thursday from a friend/acquaintance who knew I needed to buck up. He almost always makes me smile and he did it again on one of my worst days in awhile. I am so fortunate to have so many friends like this. If it's not an actual person, "The Dollop" podcast often makes me cry with hilarity.
4) It looks like Ariana Grande's personal romantic saga will have a happy ending because at Christmastime, she announced her engagement. Do you know anyone who is getting married in 2021? 
Nope. That is, I don't know if I know anyone getting married this year.
5) Ariana loves Harry Potter and named her dogs Snape, Lily and Sirius Black after characters in the J.K. Rowling books. Are you a Harry Potter fan? 
I like the stories.
6) She loves board games, especially Monopoly. Sam isn't crazy about Monopoly because it takes so long. How about you? Are you a Monopoly fan? 
Not really, and for the same reason as Sam.
7) In 2018, the year this song was released, Toys R Us closed all its stores and went out of business. Who received the last toy you purchased? What was it? 
Beast got a mini-sock-monkey for Christmas from me. Oh, and a light/memory game, which I haven't actually seen in his hands yet.
8) Also in 2018, Aretha Franklin died. What's your favorite Aretha song? 
Any song Aretha sang was tremendous. "Chain of Fools" is a favorite, but honestly...ANYthing.
 9) Random question: Are you more likely to shed a tear at a wedding or during a movie?
Both? The vows always make me mushy inside, and there is almost always some pathos that forces me to cry in a movie.

7 sweet-talkers :

The Gal Herself said...

Just the words "sock monkey" make me smile!

I'm so sorry you're facing personal/personnel issues at work. We spend so much time at our jobs, it can really rock you if it's not going well.

Kwizgiver said...

It was tough to choose just one Aretha song. She's such a legend.

I hope the work situation gets better without too much more fuss.

Diana_CT said...

It seems like that I am the only Monopoly fan among the "Saturday 9" players
Good luck at work.

CountryDew said...

A complete personal overhaul sounds tough. Hope things get better soon.

Lori said...

I had a sock monkey when I was little. I love those things. Loved your answers! Have a nice weekend!

Me, Myself, and I said...

Kate McKinnon--she's brilliant!!!

zippiknits.....sometimes said...

The Dollop podcast. Hmmm? sounds like fun! And we all certainly need more of that.
Aretha was an amazing singer. such POWER! I love everything she did.
Work can really be stressful, so I hope you hit the right "KEY".
Best wishes at work.

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