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Sweet and saucy 16

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1501. What did you think of the movie Black Hawk Down? Never saw it. War movies don't really attract me. And I believe that was a period of my life when I wasn't going to the movies very often. I'm also not interested in the book.

1502. What movie has the most surprising ending ever? "Ever"? That's pretty strong. The first time through "Heathers" was pretty shocking. It's absolutely horrifying today.

1503. What are you currently angry at? Our public political representation.

1504. Who is harder to please, you or your lover? Depends on the day, and the topic, among other things. We each have our quirks.

1505. What is the most dramatic thing you have ever done for attention? According to my siblings, as the youngest I just got EVERYTHING handed to me as a child, and didn't ever have to go looking for attention. As an adult, there have been some public meltdowns that I'm not real proud of.

1506. What do you have issues with? Authority.

1507. There is a nuclear war and your fallout shelter has room and supplies enough for two. No one knows about the fallout shelter but you. Who do you choose to take in (Remember, the person you choose is the only person you will know in 5-15 years when you can come above ground again)? This is assuming I'd even use a shelter. Which I wouldn't. Kill me quick, please. So Sparky can pick who he wants to bring.

1508. Do you have any fillings? Only a couple dozen.

1509. What do you do when you are home alone that you cannot do when other people are at home? Drink. [Since I'm pretty much never home alone anymore, I don't drink much, don't worry. I also live with an alcoholic, so another reason not to drink at home.]

1510. Have you ever had a near death experience? Not that I'm aware of.

1511. Do you read on the toilet? I do. Doesn't everyone?

1512. Are you afraid of a global nuclear war? Am I afraid? Well, let's just say that I'm becoming more sure of it's occurrence with every passing day this year.

1513. If there was a global nuclear war would you expect to be a survivor? Nope. And thank God!

1514. How often do people try to talk to you while you are in the bathroom? Not that often.

1515. Have you ever swam in the ocean? I don't swim. But I have got out a ways into both the Pacific and the Atlantic.

1516. Have you ever built a sandcastle? Yes I have.

1517. Do you feel comfortable in a bathing suit? Not at all, not physically (they simply are NOT comfortable!) and not body-image-way.

1518. What would be the best season of the year to get married? Mid-fall. Not too hot. Not too cold. No snow. Low humidity.

What would be the best day? Whatever works. To be honest, I'm the last person to ask about planning a wedding, having had mine on the hottest fucking day of the year in a building without A/C while wearing a long-sleeved dress with a train. FML

1519. What are 2 things that the perfect ___ would do?
Boy/girlfriend: Stay out of decision-making unless requested. Not try to run my life.
Parents: Teach their kids to be good people.
Friend: Be there no matter what.
Teacher: Explain why the subject is important and make it as interesting as possible.
Doctor: L I S T E N!

1520. If someone you loved was seriously miserable for a long period of time what would you do to help cheer him or her up? I wouldn't try to do anything of the sort. I'd do what I could to be a friend and get them to the doctors and so forth, but I can't make anyone better.
Since I've been actually in this position for lo these past few years, I have learned that all I can do is encourage and support and love. And, ok, last week, I actually called one of the doctors and pled for an earlier appointment.

1521. What was the best year of your life so far? Maybe 1993 over all, though I don't remember it much. I had a baby and no one had died yet.

1522. When people are born is it predetermined whether they will be a good or bad person? What? Nope. I do not believe in this kind of silliness.

1523. What is your least favorite bodily function? I'm not a huge fan of sweating. I get why it's important, but I sure don't enjoy being damp and chafed all summer.

1524. Does the weather affect your mood? I have SAD, so winter is pretty much Mordor for me.

1525. If you were underground for 5 years what would you miss the most?Sun. Vitamin D. Life.

1526. What do you think of the movie Blast from the Past? Never saw it. Barely remember hearing about it.

1527. If you were on death row (if you don't feel evil enough to really ever get there, imagine that you have been wrongly accused and wrongly convicted) what would you want your last meal to be? Oh hell, I don't know. I don't think this is a thing anymore anyway.

1528. How would you want to die (electric chair, gas, lethal injection, hanging)? I can't answer this. The whole topic is insane. There is, they've now shown, no guaranteed painless way to go. The injection argument in Arkansas has brought to light how not-humane that actually is.

1529. Who would you want with you when you died? I'd rather be alone, tbh.

1530. What would your last words be? Judging by the last answer, "Go Away!" seems likely.

1531. What is your favorite summer song? There are too many to pick one.

1532. Has anyone ever broken a promise to you? I'm 53 years old. What do you think the odds are?

1533. Have you broken a promise to anyone else? See previous answer.

1534. Do you eat red meat? I prefer it to be at least kind of brown....

1535. Have you ever broken someone's heart? Possibly. As a parent, it does kind of come with the territory sometimes.

1536. What would you consider a blessed event? The birth of a wanted baby to people who are capable of raising it.

1537. What would you consider a miracle? Not running over the possum that was crossing the road the other night. The deer on the side of the road that just watched us pass--IN TOWN!--on Monday. Getting my shit together over the past couple of years. Not being 'the goat' at work this week, thank God for a change!

1538. Here's a list of dead rock stars. How big of a loss to the music industry was each one?
Dave Williams: Seeing as how I had to Google him and still don't know anything about him....
Ian Curtis: I had to Google him too. Joy Division was such a depressing group. I never listen(ed) to them. I need no further reasons to be depressed
Aaliah: I'm assuming you mean Aaliyah. She died while my mom was having surgery. I remember reading ALL the newspapers available at the hospital because I didn't have a book. I don't know anything about Aaliyah's music per se but it was a sad thing.
Rozz Williams: Never heard of the guy. Google didn't help.
Elvis: Well, by the time he died, he was pretty much done being groundbreaking.
Tupac: Definitely a loss. I don't listen to his music, but just another young, potential-filled life that never got to be lived.
Michael Hutchence: He was the epitome of sexiness when I was in college. It was quite sad that he died with a small child he never got to raise.
Sid Vicious: Meh. I mean, sad, but he was awfully angry.
Jimi Hendrix: Man, we missed out on SO MUCH when he died. I think he could have single-handedly changed the music industry in the 1970s.

1539. What are the most cruel words someone could say to you? Like I go around handing out ammo to people?? Nope.

1540. Would you rather catch your parents in bed or have them catch you? My parents are dead. So, it's a moot point.

1541. If someone offered you $1,000 to cheat on your boy/girlfriend, would you do it? Nope.

1542. Would you rather date someone 3 years younger than you, or 15 years older? I'd rather never, ever go on another date in my life, thanks.

I'm getting irritated; time for a break 2:56 p.m.
FINALLY back: 6/25 8:05 p.m.

1543. Would you rather like your guy/girl more than s/he likes you, or have him or her like you more? I'd like to perceive that I was loved more.

1544. Which is better, the rush of kissing a new person for the first time, or the comfort of kissing the same person a hundred times? I'm sort of partial to the latter scenario.

1544. If you could read your boy/girlfriends husband's mind, but only by letting him or her read yours, would you do it? Oh hell no!!

1545. Would you rather lose your bathing suit to a huge wave right in front of a cute lifeguard, or your whole family? Bathing suit. Duh. See the deal is, I don't even have a bathing suit, so....

1546. Is truth sometimes stranger than fiction? Nearly always.

1547. Do you look back and laugh at things that hurt or were embarrassing at the time? Of course. Thank God I survived!

1548. Would you like to live in the Playboy Mansion? Ha ha ha ha. No.

1549. Have you ever looked in anyone's wallet that wasn't yours? Oh My God. Yes.

1550. What time and date is it? It's 8:15 on June 25. Happy half-Christmas!

1551. What song would you (or have you) sung karaoke? I don't do karaoke.

1552. Do you run through the sprinkler on a hot day? Not anymore. I used to in my childhood days. We didn't have air conditioning.

1553. Could you survive without:
Electricity: Nope.
Heat: In the winter, no. Now, yes.
Air conditioning: In the summer, no.
TV: Oh, probably.
Radio: Yep. I mostly do.
A car: I probably could, thanks to grocery delivery, but I'd lose my job.

1554. Would you ever consider shaving your head? Sure. Hair grows back. There's a woman "of a certain age" (approx. 70), a patron, at work, who had chemo treatments over the winter and her (white) hair fell out. It has now grown into an actual hairstyle, and she died it blue last week. She's totally my hero.

1555. What is one thing that will happen to you less than 24 hours from now? I have no idea. I'll sleep. I'll go to work. There's always drama there. I willl have food.

1556. What age would you want to stay forever? I'd be ok at 27 or 28.

1557. What is the softest part of your body? Probably my face, or my stomach.

1558. What would make your day if it happened right now? Last week, Sparky just showed up on the porch on Saturday night. Surprise. I could do that again.

1559. What are you thinking about? We're watching The Graham Norton Show on DVR, so I'm thinking about how Woody Harrelson reminds me of a cross between two friends of mine, and Andy Serkis reminds me of my (British) brother-in-law.

1560. Are you on:
Drugs: Prescription ones, yes.
The road to nowhere: Aren't we all?
The crazy train: Only at work.

1561. Do you say everything to people's faces or do you talk behind their backs? Why, yes, I do. I do both.

1562. What is gone that will never come back? The past.

1563. What's your biggest turn on? Intelligent humor.

1564. Have you ever made love in an elevator? Uh, no. I'm actually not Steven Tyler.

1565. Are you spiritually dead? Nope.

1566. What's your favorite care bear? The dead ones. (I really loathe them, truly)

1567. Do you like the music of Warren Zevon? Occasionally.

1568. Have you ever wanted a picture painted onto your car? Oh the snarky comments I could make about this topic! And no.

1569. Are you an alien in a red striped jumpsuit who plays guitar in a band? I am not. if I'd tell you if I were...

1570. If you aren't an alien in a red striped jumpsuit who plays guitar in a band then who is? Shtum.

1571. How many private entries do you have? Uh, what? Does this mean posts that aren't public? Right now I have 3 cued up but unpublished.

1572. Are you clumsy? You have no idea! I'm a total klutz!

1573. As you get older will you let your looks go or have plastic surgery? "Let my looks go." Nice. I'm not interested in unnecessary surgery, thx.

1574. If you wear contacts or glasses would you ever consider laser eye surgery? I would, but I can't have it. I have really stupid eyes.

1575. What is the most expensive thing you own? That I own free and clear? My car.

1576. What do you think of when you hear the word 'cell'? Phone. Or jail.

1577. Have you ever had goat's milk? In cheese, yes.

1578. Do you care how Jennifer Anniston lives her life? Not at all.

1579. If there was a 'penny per page' internet tax would you pay it? Uh, no?

1580. Do you treat your pets like family members? To a point, yes. But not quite.

1581. Have you ever eaten tofu? Yes. I think. I don't remember it, though, to be honest.

1582. Do you believe that the 'war on drugs' is effective? I think it's eminently ineffectual.

1583. What would you like to have 435 of (anything but money)? Large diamonds. Hey, they aren't money.

1584. How many people know the password to your diary besides you? No one.

1585. Do you like Calvin and Hobbes? Yup.

1586. Have you ever thought of deleting your diary? Yes, but I'm a packrat for words.

1587. Have you ever thought of moving to OD+? Since I have no idea what that is, no.

1588. Do 48 hours need 48 thrills? Not for me. Maybe for others.

1589. Who do you know that acts phony? At some point, everyone is faking it.

1590. Do you like American Pie? The movie? Nope.

1591. What is the last law you broke? I'm fairly certain I was speeding today.

1592. Have you ever run away from home? Nope. Well, not exactly.

1593. Have you had a good feeling today? Yes.

1594. What was it? Getting some projects around the house done was a nice feeling.

1595. Did your parents pretend their was a tooth fairy and slip money under your pillow? Yes.

1596. If yes, how much per tooth? I don't remember. Probably a quarter. I'm old.

1597. Is there a difference between art and crafts? Yes.

1598. Have you ever tried out for something? Isn't that essentially what job interviews are? Also, band stuff.

1599. Did you make it? Yeah.

1600. What's your favorite lullaby? I used to sing "Amazing Grace" to Sparky when he was little.

FINISHED!! 8:55 p.m.

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