Saturday, June 10, 2017

Saturday 9 x2

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Lazy Bones (1975)
Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here.

1) This song is about a guy who'd rather nap than do his chores. Are there things you should be doing right now, instead of hanging around the blogosphere, answering these questions?
Of course. There's ALWAYS something I should be doing. Today's list includes handwashing some dishes, excavating the counters in the kitchen, general vacuuming (pick a floor, any floor)... So I'm blogging.
2) This song mentions a lazy afternoon of fishing. When did you last go fishing?
Sparky was 8. I know because he and his dad caught a fish (ok, it was a minuscule perch that was too small to keep). That was in 2001, at Moosehead Lake.
3) The lyrics catch our hero sleeping in both the sun and the shade. Do you have a nice, shady place to nap on your front lawn? Or would we catch you lying in the sun?
We have shade in the front yard, but the ground there isn't as comfy as the grass in the backyard, where there are no trees.
4) This week's featured artist, Leon Redbone, is a difficult man to nail down. Over the years he's claimed to be born in Ontario, and Philadelphia, and even Cyprus. Tell us about a time you got caught in a fib.
Well, there was the time I called someone an 'asshole' in an email to a mutual friend...and then, much later in the convo, I sent the whole email string to the first person. He's not an asshole, but there was some stupid behavior on display at the moment...oh boy.
5) Mr. Redbone has said that taking himself too seriously would be "the gentle kiss of death." What's something that you always take seriously and just can't joke about?
I wish I could say that I have never told, or laughed at, an off-color or shady joke, but everything I start to type I think of something ridiculous I've said or heard. Sometimes it's pretty black humor, but that is how I cope with life most of the time. I mean, my topics were Child Abuse, Racism, Sexism, Donald Trump....but every one of those topics I can think of absurdities that are just nuts and laughable. Not, "isn't it funny that we hit this kid" funny, but seriously, you really thought no one would notice your KID had DISAPPEARED* from your house?? WTF you fucking moron.
6) He has retired from public life, and that includes his Facebook page, which is no longer available. What did you last post to your Facebook page?
Just before I started on this.
7) Leon always wore dark glasses when he performed. Do your sunglasses have gray, green, brown or rose colored lenses?
They are black, but they're also the kind the change from regular glasses to dark in the sun.
8) Recently Dick Van Dyke performed this song at a charity benefit, aided by his a capella quartet, The Vantastix. Last year, at age 90, he campaigned for Bernie Sanders. So Mr. Van Dyke is certainly not a "lazy bones." Who's the most active, energetic person in your life?
There's a woman at my church who is coming up on 80 who is more physically vigorous than pretty much anyone I know, of ANY age. She is astounding. I would have guessed she was closer to 60 at most--only because of her gray hair and some general wrinkliness--but in conversation over the winter she mentioned that her husband was turning 80 (which is equally hard to believe) this year and she's not far behind. They own an apple orchard so they work, physically, every day. Amazing.
9) Random question: You're at dinner with friends and someone begins a very long joke with, "Stop me if you've heard this before." You have heard it, many times before. Do you stop him? Or do you just sit through it again?
Depends on the person. And the joke. If it's a rude joke, like beyond the pale for other hearers, I'll stop them. If it's just a tired old stupid story, I'll probably sit through it again. I've been doing that my whole entire life, after all. Sometimes it sucks being the youngest....
*Local dude moved to a new house with his family, minus one pre-teen daughter. Somehow police got involved back in the old neighborhood--not sure if new residents in home called or what--and the authorities found remains in the garage, which had been there at least several weeks (into months' time). Dude's full of excuses about what could have possibly happened. Same dude told people earlier, prior to moving, that he was going to "get rid" of the girl into fostering or adoption or "whatever." Seriously? I have to laugh to think that someone is THIS STUPID! If I don't laugh, I'm going to want to slit my wrists over the fact that I'm breathing the same air as people like this.

C Is for Cookie
Don't blame Sam. Harriet requested Cookie Monster.
Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here.

1) This week's featured artist, Cookie Monster says his favorite TV show is Monsterpiece Theater. What show do you try never to miss?
We DVR Deadliest Catch, all the NCIS shows and a few things that Beast watches without me (Bill Maher, car shows). I may see about getting Graham Norton on the schedule. I need some silliness.
2) Though he goes by Cookie Monster professionally, he is still called Sid by his family. When will you next get together with your relatives?
I have no idea. Thanksgiving for sure. We might see the locals (Katherine, Alan and the boys) this summer. I'm not planning more than about a week at a time--at most!!--these days.
3) Now for the cookie questions! Where do you weigh in on this age-old controversy: Is a brownie a cookie or a cake?
Cake. Never really thought about it, but I make them in a cake pan. On the other hand, given any way of doing so, I make cookies in cake pans too. SO much faster!
4) Fig Newtons contain no cholesterol. Do you read nutrition labels before eating snacks? Or does knowing the truth about your favorite sweets ruin your enjoyment?
Everything I think tastes good is bad for me at this point. Except almonds and walnuts and fruit.
5) Biscotti are designed for dipping into drinks. Do you like to dunk your cookies?
6) Do you prefer cookies made with milk chocolate chips, dark chocolate chips or semi-sweet chocolate chips? Or are you a rebel who prefers butterscotch chips?
I love love love butterscotch cookies! I'm ok with whatever chocolate is used, though I'm not a giant fan of them, though they are yummy right out of the oven.
7) Bill Murray once said, "Raisin cookies that look like chocolate chip cookies are the main reason I have trust issues." Do you like raisin cookies?
I LOVE oatmeal-raisin cookies! My mom's were the best ever. ...sigh
8) Nabisco still sells animal-shaped cookies in a red box that looks like a train car labeled, "Barnum's Animals." However Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Circus gave their last-ever performance on May 21, 2017. Have you ever been to the circus?
I've been twice to Ringling Brothers, once to the Moscow Circus and I think I was at a couple small traveling circuses in my life. I wasn't particularly thrilled with the American circuses for various reasons, but the bears in Moscow were amazing.
9) Have you ever received a memorable fortune in a fortune cookie?
Not that I recall. I keep some of them for awhile, but they haven't been life-changing. However, in the midst of answering these questions, we were talking about dinner and the subject of Chinese takeout was raised (by Beast). Maybe tonight's the night I'll get that killer fortune, eh?

2 sweet-talkers :

The Gal Herself said...

I recently read somewhere that almonds are like PERFECT. Nutrition wise. So I bought slivered ones and try to sprinkle them in and on everything.

Do you watch all the NCIS's. I haven't even tried NO, and found it too hard to get into LA. Maybe because I just love Gibbs so much.

Cat. said...

Yeah, almonds are the current love-child of nutritionists. Good thing they're tasty! I have a giant baggie at work full.

I do watch all the NCIS's. I love LLCoolJ (yummy) so that one is primarily eye-candy. NO took awhile to gel, but I like Bakula, and I think they've finally found a workable team.

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