Saturday, May 6, 2017

Friday 5

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  1. What’s a film you consider overrated, and what’s a related or similar film you consider underrated?
  2. I went to see "La La Land" in the theater over the winter. It was cute, with a lot of great music, but as a movie? Not the greatest I saw last year. "Hidden Figures", however, was amazingly good even though I didn't understand a word of the science/math stuff!
  3. What’s overrated about the area in which you live, and what’s underrated about it?
    What is over-rated is how friendly people are (not so much until you are 'known' in town). Under-rated... I would say that we take for granted the good roads and transportation options, and the amazing hospitals in the general vicinity.
  4. Whose talent or skill is overrated, and whose is underrated?
    I think we can probably agree now that Trump has over-promised and overrates himself on what he can/will deliver as POTUS. All the people actually trying to get good work done on any given day in D.C. are underrated, and it's criminal.
  5. What item in the supermarket is overrated, and what’s underrated?
    Yogurt is overrated! OMG, the smell of the yogurt being eaten around me every day in the workroom at work! Yuck. Fresh walnuts are underrated. I just rediscovered them. Delish.
  6. What’s utterly terrific except for one or two things?
    Cheese. There's very little cheese I don't like, though I'm not a huge fan of runny stuff (like brie).

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