Friday, April 28, 2017

Friday 5

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Bizarro Cliché
  1. The Magic Word is “please,” but what’s the magic gesture?
    Around here on the road, it seems to be a flying bird.
  2. “Big D” is Dallas, but where is Big G?
    I'm stumping for Green Bay.
  3. Elvis Presley is the King of Rock and Roll, but who’s the king of your personal music collection?
    I have a Queen: Melissa Etheridge.
  4. The motherland is wherever you consider your family’s origins, but what’s the cousinland?
  5. CBS calls itself the Tiffany Network, but what would you call the Walmart Network?
    Fox. Of course!

4 sweet-talkers :

Kimberly @ said...

The bird is the first gesture I thought of too, but I've spent my life here in NJ and didn't want to stereotype my state any more than it already is.

JLS Hall said...

Yes, my first thought was "the bird" too. Not a happy thought, though - and I'm not sure what sort of "magic" it might work.

Have a wonderful weekend!
~Joy @ joysweb

Cat. said...

Heh, Kimberly. Note that I didn't bad-mouth my area by name. ;-)

Joy, it's undoubtedly bad magic.

m.k. dwyer said...

Ooh, Green Bay is a good answer even though I only know the one thing about it everyone knows.

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