Saturday, April 22, 2017

Friday 5

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  1. What’s something sneaky you’ve recently done?
    I don't do much sneaky stuff anymore. Maybe eating junk food?
  2. Who or what do you feel the need to tiptoe around?
    I've gotten far more careful about everything I say at work to my coworkers. It's sad. But necessary.
  3. What’s the dirty secret about the field in which you work?
    Most people who go into library work seem to be slightly deranged.
  4. What was the subject or your last whispered conversation?
    It was, undoubtedly, something snarky during yesterday's meeting at work.
  5. What’s recently snuck up on you?
    End-of-budget-year is April 30. I'm so not ready to deal with "next year."

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