Saturday, March 11, 2017

Saturday 9

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Fist City (1968)
Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here.

1) This song is about a wife warning another woman off her man. Who received the last warning, of any type, that you issued?
The last warning I remember issuing was to some kids in the adult reference area Thursday as I was leaving work. It was a good-natured, "Hey, guys, remember to keep your voices down" more than a "Voice of Doom." They were adorable and giggling and excited; hard to get really mad about that.
2) Loretta sings that when her husband picks up trash, he puts it in a garbage can. She's being metaphorical, but we will be literal: If you spot litter on the sidewalk, do you pick it up or just walk on?
It sort of depends on what kind of trash, but in general I pick it up. If it looks like I'll end up getting gunked up with no way to wash up, then it stays there.
3) She taught herself to play guitar. If you could learn something new in 2017, what would it be?
A foreign language, maybe Danish, so I could move out of this ever-more-darkening nation.
4) She broke her shoulder in a fall and surgery was required to repair it. When were you last in a hospital? Were you a patient or a visitor?
Beast had surgery 11 days ago. It was outpatient, but he was completely out and intubated for it, so yeah, then.
5) In the 1970s, Loretta Lynn was the first country singer to appear on the cover of Newsweek. Who is your favorite country singer?
I love Darius Rucker's voice--baritone is so awesome. I love a LOT of Miranda Lambert's songs. And the Dixie Chicks, of course, are awesome.
6) Rowan and Martin's Laugh In premiered in 1968, when this song was popular. What's the last TV show you watched? Did you watch it live, did you stream it, or catch it on DVR/Tivo?
We're watching NASCAR live as I type this. They're in Vegas today, where I think the temperature is probably about 60 degrees warmer than the outside temp here. At least we did have some sun today.
7) In 1968, Jacqueline Kennedy shocked the world by marrying Greek billionaire Aristotle Onassis. What's the last thing you heard that surprised you?
I wish I could say that anything out of Washington was surprising me, but I think my political surprise-meter is maxed out. Sparky's trip home overnight was a little surprising. He hadn't planned to come, till I mentioned it was mini-golf weekend at the library.
8) 1968's top-rated car was the Chevy Corvette. Could your car benefit from a trip to the car wash this morning?
Well, yes, but it was far too cold out to do that. Shoulda done it earlier in the week, but I simply didn't think of it.
9) Random question: You're staying in a hotel and find you can faintly hear the couple in the next room. Would you ignore their voices, or try to hear them better?
In general, I ignore people outside my own hotel room most of the time. The only exception to this is I might listen more closely if it sounded like the people were arguing and someone might be in danger.

3 sweet-talkers :

Kwizgiver said...

We're having a below-zero cold snap again. It's too late in the year for this nonsense.

The Gal Herself said...

Ooh, it hadn't occurred to me that my hotel wallmates might be in trouble. I just figured they were blabbing about their sightseeing plans (which would bore me) or having sex (which would make lonely little me sad).

Cat. said...

We're due for a 24-hour storm starting overnight. I'm ... not stoked about going to work in the morning. I can actively hear all the kids chanting SNOW DAY in hope. I doubt it, but if so then I could justify staying home too. ;-)

Gal--I only think about it because it's happened to me. There's nothing fun about listening to people argue.

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