Saturday, March 18, 2017

Friday 5

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Picture This
  1. What’s your favorite monster movie?
    I, uh...well, starting out well. I don't really do monsters. Maybe "Gremlins"? If that counts.
  2. What’s your favorite social issues movie?
    "Shoah" with absolutely nothing else close.
  3. What’s a movie you dislike in a genre you love?
    There are a lot of stupid comedies out there. It's a fine line between silly and awful. Pretty much anything that leans heavily on drinking and resultant bad behavior, so all the "Hangover" movies, qualifies.
  4. What’s a movie you like in a genre you dislike?
    I really do love "Psycho."
  5. What’s a movie everyone else has seen but you have not seen?
    Most of them. Basically, almost anything from the last 25 years. It took me a full decade to get through "Titanic" for instance. I haven't seen most of the Batmans / Spidermans / Supermans made in this century.

2 sweet-talkers :

m.k. dwyer said...

You watched all of Shoah? Did you do it in one sitting?

Cat. said...

I watched it in two parts at the theater in (ca.) 1985. And I own it on DVD. And the transcription is around here somewhere too. At 9 hours long, it's just not a good idea to do all at once. I did about 3.5 hours at the beginning once and came close to rolling up on the floor in a puddle of horror.

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