Thursday, November 24, 2016

Thanksgiving Blogthings

You Are a Modern Cook
You are quite the expert when it comes to food, and your cooking is influenced by many sources.

You do your best to cook with high quality, locally grown ingredients. However, you also have a flair for international flavors and spices.

You love to experiment in the kitchen, and you don't like to make a dish the same way twice. Your cooking is constantly evolving.

Your signature dish: A pear tart ... with your own secret spice blend. And merengue topping!
ahHAHAHAHAHA! Pear tart--that's funny! I like to experiment, i.e. not measure everything precisely, but I'm not exactly a gourmand. Not even.

You Should Go to Someone's House
You are relaxed and grateful on this holiday. You are truly thankful and have no expectations for each Thanksgiving.

You are happy to share the holiday and pitch in. You're the type to bring something delicious to any dinner you're invited to.

You love to have this quiet time with family and friends. In your opinion, the holidays should be more about togetherness.

You may be one of the only people who feels like Thanksgiving ends too soon. You never look forward to the hustle and bustle of the holidays beginning.
Oh, well, we had everyone here as usual. I definitely prefer relaxation and fun. It's rarely quiet in a house with my family members, but I really enjoy just hanging out and being silly with them. And we will remember this year as The Year James Drove Into The Ditch While Pulling Out Of The Driveway. The last half hour of people packing up and leaving was mayhem, with the winching and jacking going on at the same time outside.

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