Friday, October 7, 2016

Friday 5

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When I compose these questions every week, I almost always do a Google site search in order to prevent repeating questions (which still happens once in a while), and I was horrified to discover that the word “bacon” has never appeared anywhere in the questions or comments. “Cheese” is more than fairly represented, much to my relief, but something must be done about this bacon thing, with apologies to our regular vegetarian participant. Please feel free to insert “tofu” in the place of “bacon,” since tofu often substitutes for meat, and since tofu is awesome anyway. Or, you know. Some other reasonable substitute.
  1. When did you most recently have bacon, and what did you have with it?
    I have an English muffin with honey and three strips of bacon every Wednesday at breakfast Bible Study.
  2. How do you like your bacon?
    CRRRRunchy, but not burnt. And warm.
  3. Where do you rate bacon among the standard breakfast meats?
    I do not like breakfast sausage, so its bacon or ham. And bacon is just awesome.
  4. What’s something unusual you’ve had with bacon as an ingredient? How was it?
    Maple syrup cookies. It was surprisingly tasty.
  5. What’s a better aroma to wake up to than bacon?
    Summer rain? Clean house? (as in the elves came overnight and took care of all the dirt in the house)

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