Saturday, October 8, 2016


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I used to be about 176 cm but I'm pretty sure I'm shrinking so, let's call it 175 these days.
Hogwarts house:
According to my results a few years ago, I'm Hufflepuff. Which suits me--I don't want to be any of the others.
Favorite color:
4:46 p.m.
Last things I Googled:
"[state] license plates gh"
Fictional character you’d like as a sibling:
Laura Ingalls for sure when I was a kid. Will Riker would be a fun brother, no?
Number of blankets I sleep with:
Just the bedspread. That might be changing fairly soon, however.
Favorite band:
I have so many. Let's go with Billy Joel today.
Dream vacation:
Cruise around the world, first class all the way, with an unlimited budget.
When did I make this blog:
May 2004 ... yikes
How many blogs do I follow:
I've got 150+ RSS feeds that range from blogs to newspaper headlines to email lists.
What do I post about:
Here, it's all the memes. I have a few other blogs dedicated to different aspects of my life. This one and the books list get the most play by far.
Do you get asks on a regular basis:
What's an "ask"? Apparently I don't get any!
Clean, clutter-free, wood and leather, simplicity.

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