Saturday, September 24, 2016

The Queen's Meme

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The Hodgepodge Meme

1. Do you have a favorite chair in your home? Why is it your favorite place to sit?
I love my little corner of the couch. I can do pretty much anything from here, including parts of my job. Plus, I can sleep here.
2. You've been given a billboard space on the highway of life. What is the ONE word you'd place on the billboard to describe your life right now?
3. Do you own a string of pearls?
Not real pearls. I'm not a big fan of pearls, really.
4. Whose initials would you carve on a tree?
No one's! Leave the damn trees in peace, people!
5. Could you go without your cellphone for an entire day?
Sure. I've done it on days I've left it either at home or in the car when I get to work.
6. If you could pre-install an app on every human being born today, what would that built-in app be?

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Mimi Lenox said...

#4 made me laugh out loud! Indeed!

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