Friday, September 23, 2016

Friday 5 x 3

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  1. What’s something that recently required perseverance?
  2. Walking through airports. I swear, we are nearly always at the farthest-away-from-anything-else gates!
  3. What’s something that’s been unpleasantly persistent?
  4. My insistence on jumping in and "saving" things...often things that don't necessarily need my interference in the first place.
  5. When has practice not proven to make perfect?
  6. There is no hope in hell of me every becoming a quiet, lady-like woman.
  7. Where were you last required to exercise patience?
  8. Tonight waiting for Beast to pick me up, waiting for a ride to pick Beast up--plans do change radically sometimes--driving to pick him up, driving him home...getting him to bed. And in not asking about the obviously FUBAR garage door when we pulled into the driveway.
  9. How do you feel about peas?
  10. I like fresh peas. Always have. Not canned ones--they are evil and should be banned.
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That’s My Fund-Day
  1. What’s the last thing you didn’t want but purchased anyway because someone’s kid was raising funds for something?
  2. I, fortunately, haven't been asked recently. Having said that 36 kids will show up on my doorstep this weekend.....
  3. What’s something you’re always happy to buy when kids sell it as a fundraiser?
  4. Chocolate!
  5. What was the last fundraiser you participated in?
  6. My nephew and his new bride sort of fundraised for their honeymoon trip rather than getting gifts or registering somewhere. They are not the registry sort, for one thing, and for another, many of the guests were all coming from (FAR) out of town, so they used Honeyfund and let us pick what we wanted to "buy" them.
  7. What are your feelings about the endless cycle of fundraising?
  8. I hate it. I hated having to sell Girl Scout cookies when I was a GS, so the growth in the industry doesn't please me.
  9. What’s something people don’t sell as a fundraiser but really should?
  10. Chores: weeding, cleaning, mowing, grocery shopping. I'd totally pay a kid to do this!
+ + + + + + + + + + + +

All Over
  1. What would you like right now to be coated with?
  2. This sounds positively repellent! I want to be covered in a sheet and blanket for a year-long nap. That's all.
  3. What’s something you recently slathered on something else?
  4. I made a peanut butter sandwich the other day with way more peanut butter than I really ought to have used.
  5. What’s something you purchased recently whose purpose is to cover something?
  6. I purchased quite a few clothing souvenirs for myself and assorted others. I guess that counts, right?
  7. What do your current bed linens look like?
  8. Messy. They are sateen-striped sheets, pale blue with two dark tan pillowcases along with the usual matching two. And a blue bedspread with shells and so forth embroidered (embossed?) on it.
  9. Under what circumstances did you last wear some kind of gloves?
  10. I haven't worn gloves in 4-5 months and have no clear memory of precisely when the last time I wore them was. That time is coming around again. Guess I should hit the store and stock up--at my age you would think I could hang onto a pair of gloves for more than one season, wouldn't you?

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