Friday, August 26, 2016

Giggling adolescents

(Thieved gratuitously from Amy)

What does the last text you sent say? And to whom?
I use a lot of different texting platforms. Straight up phone text: "And you are a great support for me. Thx" On Google Hangouts: "Wanna try to meet for lunch between hair & massage?" Via Fbk Msgr: "Happy birthday big bro!! 🎶"
What does the last text you received say? And from whom?
Phone: "Happy to be there-here" Hangouts: "k" [which, unfortunately, is all too typical] Msgr: "calling" [which then occurred]
What time do you wake up most mornings?
My alarm is set for 6:11 on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays or Saturdays (whichever I work). Wednesdays I'm up at 5:33. Sundays I get to sleep in till 7:12.
The reason for the weird times? I'm weird that way.
Are you afraid of walking alone at night?
The way things are going, I'm afraid of walking. Day, night, I'm liable to trip and fall regardless. But no, there's no place around here that I walk in the daytime that I wouldn't walk after dark.
What do you do to relax at the end of a stressful day?
surf the net, read, do puzzles, sleep
Where did your last kiss take place and with whom?
Seeing as how I'm married, it's pretty much assumed that would be Beast, no? Though we're seeing family soon, so I'll get lots of family cheek-kisses then, and some sloppy kid-kisses too, I hope!!
Do/did you get into trouble a lot at school?
I was the classic teacher's pet more often than not. So no.
Do you enjoy your job? If unemployed, are you content being so?
I do like my job. It's rarely the same day twice. This week started with a skunk-smell in the building and improved over the week, with a drunk guy accosting me on my way to lunch on Tuesday, and having to decide whether to buy a book called "Fuck It" for the religion section on Weds. By yesterday, I was happy to listen to a dual-language student get tutored while her gorgeous daddy looked on.
Do you often pick up on double entendres and innuendos?
I do, sometimes. It goes in ... uh ... spurts.
Though this week our inner adolescents were amused by loud, occasionally stinky farts from the computer chairs. One person, female. The librarian on duty had to leave the area because she couldn't stop giggling..... (NOT ME--until she came in the workroom and exploded into giggles)
Have you ever been offered drugs but declined?
I have never turned down a prescription offered by a trained professional. I have, however, opted to stop taking those drugs before I was supposed to.
Have you ever been offered drugs and accepted?
Don't we all? Also, can I just say that at any given outdoor concert you are likely to "accept" drugs via smoke without having been offered.
Have you ever met someone who has completely altered your way of thinking?
This happens so often as to be rather the norm for me. One of my favorite things about people IRL and online is how they make me consider their individuality, which is often quite different from mine.
Tell us something weird that turns you on.
Good writing. And you can take that any way you want....
When did someone last admit romantic or sexual feelings for you? Was the feeling mutual?
I'm pleading the Fifth on this, though whether out of fear of being pitied or some other reason is for you to decide. I'm not telling.
What is something you have given a lot of thought to lately?
Finances. Mine.
When did you last swallow your beliefs to avoid an argument or confrontation?
It's more that some discussions are not worth the air they use up, and it was early this morning.
Do you usually initiate hugs?
I'd call it even. I do like hugging. I do a lot of it, too. Maybe it's this area, but I seem to be around a lot of huggie people.
Are you a very affectionate person?
I think so.
Can you roll your own cigarettes?
I guess I could, if I smoked cigarettes. Knowing me, I'd do it to be cheap!
What are you looking forward to?
My nephew's wedding in two weeks.
Do you have any tattoos? Do you want any/more?
Nope and no.
Are you mentally strong?
I've been told more than once recently that I am "the strongest person [other person] knows." Which is hooey, but nice to hear.
Are you physically strong?
Not so much.
Do you think you’re a good person?
I do my best to impersonate one most of the time. Beast told me once, long years ago, that he always was impressed by my kindness to others. Again, like the above "strongest" comment, I'm not buying it completely, but it was nice to hear.
Name one thing you wish you could change about your life right now:
It would be lovely to be able to plan or even see a general map of what life is going to look like when we get back from our trip next month. I literally know what my work schedule is and that's it. Beast's work stuff, his legal stuff, his health ... all that's kinda in freefall. It's a scary rollercoaster.
What do you usually eat for breakfast?
A bagel is the norm. Or an English muffin.

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