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Sunday Stealing

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The Movie Nut's Meme

What was you first movie-going experience without your parents?
I went to see the re-released PG version of Saturday Night Fever with a friend about 6 months after the first one hit the screens. We were in junior high. The whole part on the bridge? Makes no sense when edited for PG-ness. In fact, much of the movie is frankly incoherent in PG. It wasn't till 15 or so years later when I saw the original on TV (fer cryin' out loud!) that I "got" it.
Do you still buy DVDs or Blu Rays (or do you just stream them)?
"Still"? I never bought that many movies of any format. I catalog about 30 a month at the library, though.
What is your guilty pleasure movie? What about it works for you?
I think perhaps that has to be Heathers especially in the years since it was released when blowing up a school because less metaphor and more actuality. It works because teenagers really are exactly as psychotic and messed-up as the kids in the film. And we grown-ups? Not a lot better, are we? Plus, Christian Slater and Winona Ryder!
You have compiled a list of your top 100 movies. Which movies do you like, but would not make the list?
I'm certain I could not come up with 100 movies I've liked enough to have a "top list." So I can't even answer the question.
Which movie(s) do you compulsively watch over and over again? What makes it so great?
I don't do this. BEAST does this, so I have been forced to sit through all the Planet of the Apes movies multiple times, all the Star Wars movies ditto, and many others. Also, a lot of classic Bill Murray comedies. Seriously, I stopped replaying music AND movies endlessly when I realized how much there is out there to listen to and see and what a waste of my time listening to the same album/seeing the same movie over and over is.
Classic(s) you're embarrassed to admit you haven't seen yet?
All of them. Though I'm in no way embarrassed by my lack of knowledge. I would like to see "Casablanca" someday, but that's really the only one.
Do you have any movie posters hanging on your wall? If yes, which ones and why?
I'm 52 years old. The only posters I still own are art posters. And they're framed. And at least one is hanging in my dining room.
Tell us about a movie that you are passionate about.
"Shoah." 9 hours of reminiscence and remonstrance and heartbreak. Everyone should see it. Certainly everyone under age 50 or so.
What is a movie you vow to never watch? Why?
A Clockwork Orange. I tried, once, many years ago, and literally had to leave the house after less than 3 minutes.
Tell us about a movie that literally left you speechless.
I think Thelma and Louise might have done this when I saw it in the theater. Cheering and sobbing, yes. Coherently speaking? Nope.
What’s a movie that you always recommend?
Pretty much any I've mentioned by name--except ...Orange of course--I would recommend. Also, Working Girls but NOT the Melanie Griffith one with a similar title. Go find it in IMDb--it couldn't be less like anything Melanie Griffith has ever been in! Though it bears a great resemblance to some work her daughter recently did.... /snerk
Who is an actor you always watch, no matter how crappy the movie?
"Always" is, perhaps, a bit too strong, but I do like Bill Murray and Tom Hanks.
Who is an actor you don't get the appeal for? Why don’t you like them?
I've never really understood John Cusack, Edward Norton, and that clump of guys. I don't HATE them, but I don't find them very interesting. I loathe Molly Ringwald; something about her (teenaged) face made me want to hurl back in the day.
Who is an actor, living or dead, you'd love to meet? Why do they intrigue you?
It would have been interesting to have known Katherine Hepburn well enough to just pal around with her in the 40s and 50s.
Sexiest actor/actress you've seen. (Picture required!)
If you don't know who this is, shame on you!
OK, it's Marlon Brando.
Those eyes! Even more so as an old man, his eyes were mesmerizing.
OK, you are casting a movie, pick four or five actors you’d hire to be in it and why we’d love them together.
Nope. Sorry. I don't want to hire a workforce, thanks.
Who are your favorite actor pairing of all time?
There are so many good ones. I gotta say, Brad and Angelina in Mr. and Mrs. Smith were pretty amazing. In another direction entirely, Mel and Danny in the Lethal Weapon movies were simply perfect. "I'm getting to old for this shit."
Have you ever watched movies from a decade that was before you were born? If so, which decade is your favorite?
NOT the 50s, outside of musicals! The 40s had some interesting stuff going on, and even the 30s. I do really like the really early films, when you can see cinematography and lighting and sound production all being "invented"--because it was just so new no one knew what didn't work, so they tried everything.
If you were to be in a movie would you rather play the hero, villain or anti-hero? Why?
I'd like to be a set PA, thanks. Or the woman you can't hear who is talking to the guy at the side or middle distance in the shot.

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Kwizgiver said...

I almost picked Mel & Danny for buddy movies!

CountryDew said...

A Clockwork Orange is the worst movie ever. I had to watch it for a college course in film and it is one of those movies that today would require a 'trigger warning.' It totally freaked me out.

Cat. said...

Exactly. I think, in theory, it's a good movie, but yeah, totally not fun for anyone who fears being attacked, or having 'things' done to your eyes.

Angie Church said...

still have not seen that movie thelma and Louise but I really need to sounds like it was awesome. I know its a few years old but not for sure if I ever watched will be checking it out for sure
come see us at

Jackie K said...

I love Heathers! And...I also nominated Marlon Brando!

Bev Sykes said...

Somehow I suspect Hepburn was not a "pal around" kinda person!

The Gal Herself said...

But The Wild One and On the Waterfront were both 1950s movies.

Cat. said...

I wasn't a fan of either of those films. Just the stills from them. ;-)

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