Saturday, May 21, 2016

Friday 5

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  1. What do your bed linens look like, right now?
    I believe they're in the washing machine, although I've decided it's time to move to the summer set so they are sitting on the bed waiting to be put together.
  2. What’s the most you’ve spent on something you use as protection for something expensive?
    We spend a decent amount on (car, auto, health, life) insurance. Not a crazy amount, but plenty.
  3. What does your nicest coat look like?
    I hate my winter coat. It's warm but fugly. It got its summer bath last weekend so its gone till October-ish. And I don't have a 'nice' coat.
  4. What was the most recent cheese-covered (or chocolate-covered, if you prefer) dish you enjoyed?
    I had salmon last night with a cheesy b├ęchamel sauce for dinner. No chocolate in awhile.
  5. What’s something for which you often forget (or choose not) to replace the cover?
    I...think I'm a little OCD about putting the lid back on things. I honestly can't come up with anything.

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Kwizgiver said...

I can't get the site to open. :-(

Cat. said...

Yeah, I can't either. I have it "delivered" via RSS so it loaded yesterday sometime and then borked later on. :(

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