Sunday, April 3, 2016

Sunday Stealing

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Survey 212 Meme

Is your birth year an odd or even number?
It's only fitting that it's an odd year, no?
Which one of your friends is the most outgoing?
Probably Beast. No wait, T., at work, talks to E V E R Y O N E!
Have you eaten any of your favorite foods today?
Yup. Bacon. And donuts. And pancakes.
When did you last find yourself in an awkward situation?
Well, this morning when I realized 5 minutes into Sunday School that I was "the" teacher not the backup. So, punt: "What's Easter about?"
When was the last time you ignored, or went against, someone’s advice?
I can't think of a specific time lately, but I'm frequently the recipient of "suggestions" either from my older family members or from random patrons at work. I mostly ignore ALL of it these days and do my own thing.
What happened?
Since I can't remember any horrific outcomes, I'm assuming nothing at all.
How many different towns/cities have you lived in?
I have received mail in six towns, seven zip codes, and eight home addresses. Plus work, and post office boxes.
When was the last time you had Nutella?
Been awhile. I have some, but I have to be in the right mood for it.
Who is your favorite character in“The Big Bang Theory”?
I have never watched the show. On principle, though, I like Mayim Bialik a lot.
What are your parents’ middle names?
One was the first name of the narrator of a famous book by Louisa May Alcott. The other was the first name of the last--not the current--Prince Consort of England.
Name someone with a sexy sounding voice.
The guy who is reading my current book on CD is pretty awesome--I never, ever thought the Cajun accent was all that, but holy Joe...he's changing my mind. Also, Kathleen Turner.
Are your eyes the same color as your sibling’s?
I think my sister Marie and I have the same color eyes: hazel. My brother has blue eyes.
How many pets do you have? Would you like any more?
I have one guinea pig. I'd love a dog. But once this piggy is going, were done. I'm allergic to EVERYTHING furry, apparently.
Is there a song you can’t stop listening to atm?
I heard one this morning in the car called "Pacing the Cage" that I'm kind of obsessing about--never heard it before but the lyrics were interesting. Need to find it on Spotify.
Is there a song that you’re fed up of hearing?
Just about anything from the 80s that hit top 10. I listened to the radio (and watched MTV) a little too much back then....
Did you have a strange or interesting dream last night?
I didn't sleep all that well. I know I dreamed, but I don't remember anything.
Name 3 things that are in your refrigerator atm.
Leftovers, cheese, pop.
Which friend do you confide in most?
These days, Vickie.
What was your most recent reason for smiling?
Something silly that Beast just read me from his daily page calendar about beggars and cruisers.

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Kwizgiver said...

I was obsessed with MTV when it played music videos.

shortybear said...

nice answers.

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