Sunday, March 6, 2016

Sunday Stealing

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Garage Sale Meme

Is your phone right next to you, or at least close by?
Yes, it's on the table next to the couch.
What windows or tabs are open on your computer right now?
I've got the Gun Violence Archive open, followed by Inoreader, Blogger, Facebook, Gmail, Varidesk and RC Cruise Planner tabs. That's one window. A second window is open with the following tabs: Amazon Seller, Goodreads, DIYHistory, and Wayfair futons. And I've got Notepad open for formatting issues.
Is your phone a touch screen?
Yes it is.
Who is the last person to call you?
The last call looks like my sponsor, returning a call I made the minute before. Stupid bluetooth....
What was the last movie you watched?
I think that was Hail, Caesar! which I though was pretty funny.
What are you doing tomorrow?
What is the big deal about Monday with this weekend's memes?? It's like the most boring day of my week! Work, come home to an empty house, take a LONG bath, read, perhaps talk to Beast, go to bed.
Are you in a good mood?
I am, despite sounding cranky in that last question. Sparky's home for the day! Yay!!
Do you think exes can remain friends?
Sure. I've seen it happen.
Are you starting to realize anything?
Always. Right this second, I'm starting to realize that I may fall asleep before finishing this meme.
Do you follow rules or break them?
Yes. One or the other. Depends on the rule and how stupid it is.
Are you currently looking forward to anything?
I'm going to see Amy this week!! I haven't seen her for probably two years at least.
Could you go a day without eating?
Sure. I've done it before. I'd be all kinds of crabby though.
How many bracelets do you have on your wrists right now?
Zee-row. I'm not a big "wearing-things-on-my-arms" person.
Do you scream stuff out the car window?
No. Don't believe I've ever done that as a thing.
Do you have reason to smile right now?
I do, see above re Sparky.
What do you do when you need to relax?
Take a nap. If I get all worked up on the job, I try to go for a walk around the building, or listen to some music (earphones), or otherwise remove myself from the stressful situation.
What are you listening to right now?
Sparky typing on his laptop. Me typing on my laptop. The wind outside the (open) front door. The clock ticking.
What’s your greatest fear?
Every time I see this question I have to just stop. I'm not really afraid of anything in the phobic sense: not heights, not enclosed spaces, not spiders... But I do not like large crowds of people, like at sports events or shows; mob mentality is terrifying.
Do you have a best friend?
Are you afraid of death?
Nope. Not that I'm looking forward to it by any means, but I'm eminently ok with my death.
Do you open up to people easily?
Too easily, I fear.
Has anyone upset you in the last week?
In other words, have I been awake at all in the past week? Uh, yeah, I've been upset a couple of times, not to the point of freaking out at all, but I've had a couple of WTF moments for sure.
What’s your favorite drink?
Diet Dr. Pepper. Some things never change.
What are you craving?
Sleep. And a cookie.
How did you sleep last night?
I slept great. And for 8+ hours too, despite a late nap yesterday and sleeping till 9 yesterday morning.
Would you ever consider turning your house into a B&B?
Our house is very unsuited for that. There's just no way to do it. Also, I'm not a great fan of a) getting up at o-dark-hundred and/or cooking, or b) cleaning up after strangers.
What was the first thing you ate today?
Do pills count? If not, then a bagel with cheese.
Do you have anything more important you should be doing right now?
Always. It'll be there when I get around to it eventually.
Have you ever eaten tofu, and if so, did you enjoy it?
Not that I'm aware of. My babysitter as a child was a Seventh-Day Adventist, so she always had "fake meat" but I have no idea if that was tofu or something else back in the early 70s.
What was the last type of meat you ate?
Wellll, I had hard-boiled eggs in my chef's salad at lunch. Prior to that, I guess it was the leftover crabcakes I heated up for dinner last night.
What color is your toothpaste?
Oooh, it's all magically stripey now! Just started a new tube.
Have you taken any medication today?
Yes. In fact, I just took my mid-day pills.
Have you ever inhaled helium?
Yes. Not for eons though.
Have you set an alarm today?
Yes, my alarm went off at 7:12 this morning. And tomorrow it will do it again.
Do you keep up-to-date with current news and events?
The big stuff, and the local stuff. Not every little thing, and not what the media tells me is "news" as a rule.
Have you asked someone for advice today?
I don't..think so?
What color is your shampoo?
I think it's pinkish.
Have you watched more than an hour of TV today?
Not quite. The race is about to start, on the TVR...but I'm sure it's going to be delayed for rain.
Ever wake up early on Saturdays to go Garage Sale shopping?
Hell NO!

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Kwizgiver said...

I actually laughed out loud at the Garage Sale answer! I'm the same!

Shannon W. said...

I am not a fan of getting up early and cooking for myself! LOL

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