Saturday, March 5, 2016

Friday 5

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  1. How is a therapeutic shower or bath different from a utilitarian shower or bath?
    For me, a therapy bath involves being able to lie back and read for awhile, refill the water when it cools off and no "projects" (shaving, exfoliating, whatever), just relaxing. Therapeutic shower, I suppose, means a lot of pounding from the showerhead, but I don't find that all that relaxing.
  2. What are your therapy foods? Do you have different kinds of therapy foods for different kinds of emotional situations?
    Nope. Sugar cures everything for me.
  3. What physical activities are especially therapeutic?
    I like hiking, but I'm badly out of shape and there's nothing interesting to look at here--I was spoiled as a child by mountains. Cleaning can be therapeutic, and it's often a cause for exertion.
  4. When seeking the company of others for therapy, is it better to talk about the issue that’s causing you stress, or to talk about anything else?
    I prefer venting and hashing things over briefly and then moving on to ANYTHING else. Often, I don't even want advice or help, just venting.
  5. Sometimes therapy is about maintenance, not crisis. What regular activities do you pursue for therapeutic maintenance?
    Reading qualifies, I think. Blogging, to a certain extent. Sleep--oh, dear God, I could sleep for 24 hours right now!

2 sweet-talkers :

Kwizgiver said...

I said sleep as my physical activity. ;-)

Cat. said...

Because sleep is the BEST physical activity.

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