Saturday, March 19, 2016

Friday 5 x 2

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Upper Body
  1. What’s got you scratching your head?
    I'm pretty confused about politics right now. It's like the GOP-Goes-to-Vegas--the weirdest show on earth right now. It's entertaining and actually a bit scary.
  2. What’s the big news in your neck of the woods?
    The election was a bit of a problem this week. They've changed the check-in process to electronic and between that and a new County Clerk not knowing her shit, there were some issues. Two people I spoke to on Tuesday had problems voting properly, and the County Supervisor had to get an order to keep the polls open an extra 90 minutes...except not all the polling places were contacted to inform them so they closed at 7 like usual. And some didn't open on time because the building custodians weren't there early. And the technology issues were difficult to resolve because the Clerk wasn't picking up the phone ... all day.

    I personally had no trouble: in fact this week was the first time in the 11 years I've lived here that the people at the polls included me in the conversation while I was there. I guess I'm officially a 'local' now, even if I did still (again) ask for a Dem ballot.
  3. What has everyone else raising an eyebrow, but is only getting a shrug of the shoulders out of you?
    The political debate between Hilz camp and the Bern-ers. Really, as long as it's not a Repug, this year I'm going to celebrate in November.
  4. What are you keeping an eye on?
    Myself. Only myself. Or trying to. Harder than you'd think, though.
  5. What’s something you’ve done an about-face on recently?
    I'm trying like hell this year to differentiate between the important things in life, what's my problem to solve and what's not, and keeping my damn opinion to myself unless asked.
Ticket to the Weekend
  1. How many traffic tickets have you received, and what was the first?
    I've gotten two, both in the last 10 years. The first was for speeding in a local community notorious for speed traps, the other was for inattentiveness when I plowed into my neighbor's work truck a couple of years later. Ironically, both of these were while Sparky was either learning to drive or in his early driving years. He was with me in two accidents while he was in high school--the other one was not my fault. Otherwise, I've never had accidents or tickets. Haven't since then either, probably in 5-6 years. Knock wood.
  2. What are some of the ticket stubs you’ve held onto?
    Hmmm, when I was scrapbooking, I kept all that kind of stuff. Now, not so much. I did notice the ticket stub for "A Walk in the Woods" on my dresser this morning--we saw that last fall.
  3. What have you seen because someone had extra tickets?
    Several years ago, one of my coworkers had tickets for a kids' version of Wizard of Oz in the Big City to the East. I still use the string bag that I got that day for day-traveling. It was a very good show, and the tickets were for the 2nd row. Weird sitting that close in a theater that big.
  4. What have you won in drawings or raffles?
    Very damned little. Beast is the raffle-winner in the family, not me. Honestly the only thing I remember winning was a turkey at Thanksgiving when I was around 12.
  5. How do you and your friends usually handle a restaurant bill?
    Depends on the situation. We either split it or get separate checks, though it's really dependent on a lot of things, including how much cash either of us has.

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