Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Wednesday Hodgepodge

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1. What's your biggest 'first world' problem?
The fact that I have at this point purchased less than $20 worth of Christmas gifts for Beast. Sparky is relatively good to go. Beast...I have no ideas. None.
2. Each year Time Magazine names a 'Person of the Year', someone who has 'for better or worse...done the most to influence the events of the year.' It was recently announced they've named Angela Merkel Person of the Year for 2015. You can read more about this year's selection here. Your thoughts? If you were in charge, who would you declare Person of the Year?
I'm fine with their choice. Nice to see an non-American woman on the cover of a major, mainstream American magazine for something that doesn't involve makeup, fashion, or breast implants.
3. Do you have a nativity set in your home? If so share it's history and how you display the pieces.
Yes we have one. I painted all the figures about 20 years ago--they came as plain whiteware--and we bought a "stable" to house them. They go on the dining room dresser, except Jesus who doesn't appear till after Christmas Eve service at church.
4. Do you make an extra effort to give back in some way during the holiday season? How do you encourage those who need encouragement this time of year?
We usually deliver gifts for a local organization that gives Christmas gifts to every household in town that lives below the poverty line. If there are kids, each one gets a toy and a book. One of the Rotary Clubs puts it all together, with a lot of help, and this week is packing (tonight is toys and books, tomorrow is food) and Saturday is delivery. However, this year, I'm not sure we'll be able to help load out on Saturday because of Beast's whole back/shoulder thing. We'll have to play it by ear, just like every other freakin' thing in the universe right now.
5. Who is your favorite person to shop for? Why?
It's the most fun to shop for little kids. They just love everything!
6. What's the last delicious thing you ate?
The mashed potatoes with dinner tonight were pretty good.
7. The best way to spread Christmas cheer is _____________.
Smile and have a positive attitude.
8. Insert your own random thought here.
Two sick kids this week--not mine, only one family member--the kind of sick that involves hospitals, surgeries, and general long-term thinking rather than planning for tomorrow. Apparently, God is trying to tell me something about planning...and expectations, which was also part of the theme from last night's meeting.

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Joyce said...

Oh so sorry for the sickness and all that the decisions that need to be made there. I hope everything works out without too much distress. That's an awesome thing your town does! Wow! Wishing you and your family a merry Christmas!

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