Sunday, December 13, 2015

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Are you unhappy at the moment?
Nah. Little bored. S'why I'm doing this.
When was the last time you read a full book?
Ha ha ha ha....oh, wait, this is a serious question? The last "eyeball" book I finished was Between the World and Me by Ta-Nahesi Coates. Excellent book! Really, one of the best I've read, one I need to buy so I can really read and mark up and re-read.
Who did you last hang out with?
I met with a potential new sponsor this afternoon. Then I came home and hung out in the living room with Beast while he slept. Then I woke him up, we ate and he went to bed.
When’s the last time you got in trouble with your parents?
Mom died over 6 years ago. Dad's been gone since 1994. I'm pretty sure we're cool, the three of us.
How many children do you want?
That ship has sailed. I have one. Any chances for more biological children ended almost exactly 20 years ago. And at 52 I don't think I'm a prime adoptive-parent candidate. And it's all good. I like the one I've got an awful lot.
Are your nails painted?
It's winter. So, no.
Do you need to take a shower?
No, I showered at, like, 11 a.m. but I've been thinking a bath might be nice tonight.
Have you ever watched "K##ping Up With The K@rd@shi@ns"? [my occlusions]
ABSOLUTELY NOT! Not even momentarily!
Are you single?
Not really.
Do you have any career ideas in mind?
I'm perfectly happy in my career. I am, however, starting to see the shadow of a suggestion of the wraith of retirement.
Do you have any gay friends?
Yup. And friends of some other options in regards to sexual proclivities.
Are you gay yourself?
Are you doing anything this weekend?
I grocery-shopped this morning. I ate lunch with my sweetie and then wandered the Square, did a little shopping, came home. See above. Oh, I cleaned the guinea pig cage this afternoon too. Tomorrow is Music Sunday, so I'll be at church from 7 till after 12. I need to do laundry at some point soon. And...there's a project that needs doing before Christmas.
How many brothers do you have?
I've one older brother, 10 years older.
When was the last time you talked on the phone?
To said brother? Uhm. Awhile. Several months. It's good though. We're just not a talky pair. He pops up on Facebook occasionally, or in email, and vice versa.
Do you like Mexican food?
I do! I had quesadillas at lunch, in fact.
What is/are your best friend’s name(s) for their pet(s)?
Sadly, I do not remember Jenny's pets' names. Or name. I know she has a cat and maybe a dog. She used to have a wonderful dog named Murphy many years ago.... I think Amy doesn't yet have pets. My niece has 4 cats, but I can't remember all their names. She used to have four called Rhapsody, Harmony, Melody, and Symphony, but there's been some turnover in the household. I think, maybe Melody might still be around.
How many pens are in the room you’re currently in?
Pens? OK.....I can see two. Beast may or may not have writing utensils by his chair. I have a couple of pencils over here too.
Did you go to work today?
I did not. I will not be going to work now until a week from tomorrow.
When was the last time you were disappointed?
Disappointment comes from high(ish) expectations. I've been trying really really hard to keep expectations at a minimum. I guess I had hoped that Beast would get at least a little pain relief from last week's corisone injection, but it didn't work at all. In fact, the position he had to stay it while they did the procedure made everything much worse for a couple of days.
Do you wear clothes from your school?
I have some pj pants from my alma mater. I wonder if I could get some spirit wear from my high school? That would be truly awesome!
Have you ever done Safety Town?
"Done" it? Like toured one of the Fire Dept. Safety Houses? Yes? Or is this something totally different?
How old are you and how old do you act?
I'm 52, as mentioned above. I probably act something that averages out to younger than that, though I might be delusional.
What size shoe do you wear?
My feet fit in shoes ranging from sizes 9 to 10 in "American" sizes.
When was the last time you got a splinter?
Quite some time. Having said that, of course, I'll find one in my hand this week sometime.
Have you ever walked into a wall?
This is a semi-regular occurrence, and no it is not a euphemism. I'm terminally klutzy. I actually RAN full-tilt into a brick wall once as a child. In gym class. I used to fall UPstairs fairly often too, though now I just lose track of whether I'm on the last step and have a moment of weirdness at the top of the flight sometimes. Oh, and a couple of years ago I did a truly specTACular flying slide-and-fling down the short flight of stairs outside my bedroom and destroyed my tailbone. It hurt for, literally, 8-9 months. I still get twinges. If there were a Clumsy Olympics, I'm pretty sure I'd be on the medal stand.
Are there any spiders in your room right now?
I think it's probably quite likely there's at least one spider in EVERYone's room right now. In my case, I hope so, and am pretty sure there must be because we have not seen ANY bugs all fall.
Have you ever taken a picture while lying in the grass?
OK, a picture that I took while lying in the grass? Probably, maybe.... Or do you mean have I had a picture OF ME taken while I was lying in the grass? Also, probably, maybe....
What’s your favorite number?
16. Or 3. Or 8. I can tell you that only one of those is an "intentional" favorite. The others just seem to mean something to my subconscious.
Are you old enough to buy alcohol?
I've been old enough to buy alcohol since the day I started college, at least in the state in which I attended.
Have you ever watched iCarly?
I have not, but not through any antipathy as with the KA@rd@shi@ns. Just doesn't appeal.
What was your favorite class during your sophomore year of high school?
I'd love to say Band. OK, I am going to say Band, but it was also the hardest I worked in any year of my educational career prior to college. Damn.
Who’s your favorite Disney character?
Dopey. [I'm pretty far from a Disney fan, for the record.]
Are there any framed pictures of you in your house?
Well, yes, of course there are. It's my house! There are family photos. In fact, I've been toying with suggesting that Sparky, Beast and I go get a family picture done while Sparky's home for Christmas.
Do you listen to music while you clean your room?
Sometimes. If I'm home alone, I listen to music while I'm keeping busy in the kitchen: doing dishes, cooking, cleaning....
Do you wear bandanas in your hair?
Occasionally, if I know I'm doing something messy/dirty that I don't want to screw up my hair. Like painting, or drywalling, or whatever. Yes, you read that right.
When was the last time you ate a banana?
It's been a couple of weeks. I did buy some today though. Maybe breakfast tomorrow....?
Have you ever been on a blind date?
I'd rather eat boiled monkey brains.
Have you ever taken the eHarmony personality quiz?
I don't believe so...? Is it free?
Do you need to shave?
Nope. I'm good in that area. Frankly, the only reason I shave in the winter is so my masseur doesn't gross out. ;-)
Are you wearing make-up right now?
The only thing remotely associated with makeup that I use is Chap-Stick, and yes there is some on my lips right now. In fact ... now there's a little more.
Do you know anyone named Laura?
HA HA HA HA HA HA. ....ok, yes. I have four Facebook friends with that specific name. I'm the right age that when I was in school, there were an awful lot of Lauras in my classes. I've had good friends with that name for years; in fact, one of the Facebook friends with that name has been my friend since approximately 1970.
If you have a job, who’s your closest friend at work?
Probably either Librarian H or D (a.k.a. Techie or Maniac).
Do you have any exercise equipment in your home?
We have a treadmill but it needs a new ... uh ... tread? Thingie? And there's a yoga mat and a step doohickey around somewhere too. And an exercise ball.
How did you celebrate New Year's last year?
We went to bed early so we could be up in the dark prelight to get to our seats in preparation for the Tournament of Roses Parade! OK, actually, I think we ate at a steak place that night. Yeah, I took a photo of my meal on Facebook. It was a bit surreal; we never eat out on NYE normally, and Pasadena is a little bizarre that night because of the parade.
What would you do if you found a wallet containing $100 on the street?
Call the owner, or at least turn it in to the police.
Have you told anyone you love them today?
Ayup. But now that you mention it, I think I'll PM Sparky and remind him of that fact. ;-)
Are you in any physical or emotional pain right now?
There's always something not quite fabulous these days, physically. Nothing horrible, and overall I'm ok. Coupla hard hits today regarding friends' situations, but....nothing I can do except pray. So I'm doing that.
Is the sun still up or is it dark?
It's been dark today since about 4:15. Super foggy, and just hello, it's December. Gahhh.
Have you seen all "The Hunger Games" films that have been released so far?
Nope. I saw the first one. Actually, I just now watched "The Maze Runner" which I'd taped last week from HBO. The book was VERY cinematic, and the film didn't disappoint, though they did have to cut some of the descriptions. The Grievers, though, were excellently-done!
How many living grandparents do you still have?
My grandparents commenced dying off in 1946 (Mom's dad) and finished up in 1974 (Dad's mom).
What're your plans for the rest of the day?
Once I finish this--or give up for the night--I'm off to bed. Perhaps to the bathtub first, if I think I can run it without bothering Beast in bed.
How many times have you been sick this year?
Physically? Maybe 3 or 4 times, at least in terms of colds/flu. I had surgery in February, so took sick time then, and there were some emotionally exhausting periods in the spring that caused me to bail on work, but I really haven't been seriously ill in a while. Knock wood.
Who did you text today and what did you talk about?
I texted Chris from Friday Night. And Beast. And just now, Sparky.
What color's your toothbrush?
Both Beast and I have ended up somehow with matching toothbrushes. I blobbed some RED nail polish on mine to differentiate when I realized it. They're white and ?blue otherwise.
Do you have a favorite author?
I have a LIST of favorite authors which is not current. There are probably another couple of dozen names that belong on the list now. ...sigh
Is Christmas a joyful time for you or just plain stressful?
I don't DO stress on Christmas day. I am, however, a little wigged about this year since I have 6 ornaments to make and send before Christmas, and I haven't started them! This would be less problematic if two of them weren't going overseas! But on the holiday itself, we do not get ourselves worked up: Christmas Eve is Chinese and late worship at church. Christmas Day is unwrapping presents and lazing around.
How long do you usually take in the shower?
Pretty much never more than 7-8 minutes anymore.
Have you ever worked in an office?
Who does the grocery shopping in your house?
Me. Yuck.
Have you ever stayed in a hotel without your parents or older relatives?
What time do you plan to wake up tomorrow?
Beast wants to get to church by 7. I'll probably drop him and run to McD's for breakfast sandwiches, come back, help him set up for the Chorale, and then go read or something. Anyway, I'll be up by 6:15
Would you be scared if you saw five missed calls from one of your parents?
I would be freaked-the-fuck-OUT if I got ANY calls from my parents!!!
Have you ever kissed anyone under the mistletoe?
Ayup. Not for years, but yes.
When was the last time you watched a movie?
I just finished "The Maze Runner."
Do you know anyone who struggles with a mental disorder?
Besides me? And Beast? And, well, probably half the people I know, IRL and online. I have one friend with synesthesia--which I think is pretty cool, but some would consider awfully weird--and another who hears four people who don't physically exist speaking to him daily and who has tried suicide more than once and cuts himself when very stressed.
What’s your go-to activity when you’re bored?
Have you ever turned down someone you really loved and if so, why?
"Turned down"? There were some guys I thought I was in love with that I had the very good sense to desist from. A LONG time ago.
What's your current relationship like with the person you lost your virginity to and do you wish it was different?
We're on pretty good terms and I'd like it to stay that way. [to be read in the very driest tone possible]
Has a younger person ever confided in you as an adult?
Have you ever felt responsible for someone's death?
Actually, I ... well, no, not in a direct way. But the last thing I ever said to my mom--who was not conscious at the time--while she was still breathing was that it was OK to go, that Dad and Ellen were waiting for her, and that we'd all be fine here when she went. She died about 2 hours later.
Who knows your biggest secret and why did you tell them?
My besties know my shit better than I probably do.
Who was your best friend five years ago and do you still talk to them?
Jenny, Amy, Beast. And yes.
Who's your best friend now?
Same triad. Some additions, perhaps: Vicki probably qualifies. I don't make the "bestie" connection easily.
Who's your favorite member of your immediate family and of your extended family?
My remaining immediate family: my sister Marie, I guess. There's only three of us left though, so...sometimes it's my brother. My extended family: up until perhaps 3 years ago, I would have definitely chosen my oldest niece Elizabeth, but I have had a couple of intensely hurtful events involving her in recent times so perhaps her sister, Katherine (who drives me mental), or my nearby nephews, James and Don.
What art do you have in your living room?
A watercolor of Canyon de Chelly that I mentioned recently here. A Thomas Kinkade that I loathe but no longer have to look at (it's behind where I normally sit), two Egyptian papyri that we had matted and framed about 15 years ago (one from a college roommate of mine, one from Beast's parents). There are two big clocks too, a Roseville vase of my mom's, a pseudo-Tiffany "lamp" (candle-thingy) and some other tschotschkes.
What was the last gift you received and from whom?
I made a pretty good haul on my birthday last month. Two games, a couple of books, some stuff for my car...
What was the last book you recommended to someone?
The Coates book is really really really excellent.
What was the last awkward moment you experienced?
I'm pretty sure my whole live could be seen as an endless stream of varying levels of awkwardness.
What's the most difficult thing you and your current or last significant other have gone through?
Well, addiction hasn't been fun. Neither has the last 8 weeks of excruciating pain in Beast's neck/shoulder. He sees his back surgeon on Monday, and we're REALLY hoping for a surgery date soon!!
What's your best memory with your ex?
At this point, the best memory is that I have exes. :-)
What's your best memory with each of your parents?
Mom: giggling through the Lord's Prayer at First Avenue during worship when I was about 12. She was not a giggler, but something got us both going that morning.
Dad: honestly, just hanging out with him "helping" or actually helping or just being near him. Yes. I'm a big ol' Daddy's Girl.
Who's your favorite grandparent and why?
In case you missed it up there, by the time I was aware of grandparents, I was already down to 3. My Dad's dad died when I was under 3. Both of my grandmothers were born in the 1880s, so they were O L D and I (unfortunately) never really got to know them. I have pleasant memories of Mom's mom, but Dad's dad went a little weird and creepy at the end of her life. They were both amazing, strong, tough, heroic women each in their own ways.
What's your most unrealistic dream?
I always wanted to learn to fly a plane, and to skydive. I don't see either of those things happening now.
What's your current favorite song?
I'm having a hard time remembering anything new and wonderful. Well, ok, Adele's song is pretty awesome. I'm trying not to listen to it much though because I'm aware that it's bloodyEVerywhere and I don't want to burn out on it.
What was the last picture you took of?
It was an origami owl I did from my origami calendar on Friday.

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