Sunday, December 6, 2015

Sunday Salon

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12:11 p.m.
The usual. Living room couch, laptop on my legs. Beast is across the room in his recliner with the heating pad behind him in hopes that his shoulder stops hurting. Speaking of heating pads--he's using the one we inherited from his parents eons ago, c. 1970 or earlier. It works great. We bought one on vacation in October that hardly even gets hot. WTH....stupid lawsuits. Or a lemon, I suppose.
Today's plan:
Sunday School for me this morning, then church--children's Christmas program--now back home. Football the rest of the afternoon. I need to call/text Gail about going over tomorrow (or sometime) to use her craft supplies for a project I need to finish so I can mail great-nephew Xmas gifts. And more work on my desk; I think everything that's left is 'hard' stuff that I have to actually file or think about. Maybe read a bit. And/or nap.
Listening to:
FOX NFL. No clue why we're watching this game but apparently we're supposed to be cheering for Seattle. Or rather against Mpls (sorry, Amy) because cheering for the Shawks is not easy especially for Beast. The Packers don't play today because they already played this past week. Here, I'll show you the most important play*. Go on, watch it. It's TOTALLY AWESOME (unless you're a Lions fan).
Diet Dr. Pepper, of course.
Thinking about:
Not really much. Lots of "shoulds": tree, planning dinner, shopping, cleaning. Frankly all I want to do is sleep.
*Why is it so hard to link to a non-YouTube vid?? Grrrr......

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