Saturday, December 5, 2015

Friday 5

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In and Out
  1. When did you last allow someone into your home to fix something or install something?
  2. We had someone come re-do our dining room and living room from where the master bath overflowed--long story--last February. That was the summer project, once the insurance money came through. The plan for the fall was to look at replacing kitchen counter tops, but then Beast's back/shoulder thing started, so we're in a holding pattern on the kitchen. Meanwhile, I think the floor will need replacing in the kitchen too by the time we get around to the project; the seam in one area has split.
  3. Not counting holiday parties, when did you last attend a party or gathering with a stated theme, and what was that theme?
  4. Hmm. I don't really "do" theme parties. In fact, I'm not even attending my job's Christmas party this year because it's an Ugly Sweater thing and I'm NOT buying something ugly to wear on purpose.
  5. When you were in high school, what were most often your reasons for being on campus after hours?
  6. Band. Of course. Or at least music-related activities.
  7. What’s something nobody offers for home delivery but should?
  8. I don't know. Seems to me I can get just about anything delivered to me via Amazon and UPS. And services--yeah. Well, it WOULD be nice if doctors made house-calls these days....
  9. In what public space this weekend are you most likely to run into someone you know, not counting the spaces you always see them (at work or at church, for example)
  10. Grocery shopping is the go-to, but I actually ran into 5 people from various parts of my life at Panera on Wednesday, so perhaps there. ;-)

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