Saturday, November 28, 2015


I was tagged by Kwizgiver.

The Rules: FlutistPride's Compare and Contrast Challenge Rules:
  • Do not compare and contrast yourself with yourself. That defeats the purpose of this challenge.
  • You are not limited in your amount of comparing and contrasting, but please keep your post coherent and readable.
  • Link to the blogger you intend to take the compare and contrast challenge.
  • The challenged blogger must be informed via comment section or E-mail order to be obligated to post. If they explicitly decline, they are no longer obligated to participate.
  • Do not vex anyone who declines.
  • The Compare and Contrast Challenge is not intended to be demeaning to any party. Do not use belittling remarks, even if they are jokes. Save your viewers the headache of trying to read your intentions through a screen.
  • There is no particular time frame the challenge should take place in.
  • Let the other blogger know you compared and contrasted yourself to them. Invite this person to challenge others.
  • Tag your post Compare and Contrast Challenge if you are participating or challenging someone else.
  • No one has to challenge you in order to participant [sic]
I'm choosing to tag Amy at Get It All Down.

First, we compare
  • Amy and I read everything, all the time, whenever possible
  • Amy and I listen to music all over the spectrum
  • Amy and I are bloggers with the same approach (throw it at the wall; see what sticks)
  • Amy and I like to follow precise procedures when at work
  • Amy and I are Midwesterners with Moxie who want to go somewhere very people-free on a regular basis
Then, we contrast
  • Amy is single and child-free, and I'm married with one (grown) child
  • Amy lives in the town in which she grew up, and I live 1,100 miles from where I grew up
  • Amy enjoys and appreciates cooking, and I do not
  • Amy adores and thrives on poetry, while I like it just fine and that's about it
  • Amy has a law degree, and I would've gotten thrown out of my family if I'd taken even a single law class

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