Saturday, November 14, 2015

Belated Friday 5

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  1. When did you last attempt to create something outside your usual realms of creativity?
  2. Hmm, it's been awhile for sure. I don't really 'do' creative in the traditional sense. I have made dinner more often recently than usual.
  3. Where do good ideas come from?
  4. The subconscious. The Holy Spirit. No, I'm serious; I have no idea. Sometimes it's just common sense, but sometimes it's just a spark, a mental ka-blam.
  5. Rainer Maria Rilke famously said, “If my devils are to leave me, I’m afraid my angels will take flight, as well.” What are your thoughts on the portrayal of artists as tortured souls?
  6. I do think, to some degree, creative people are creative because they don't perceive boundaries as clearly as the rest of us, and that certainly is true of those with mental illness. I don't think all creative people are tortured; there are plenty of creative happy people, but we don't hear about them because that's boring. /snark
  7. What situations or environs put dampers on your creativity?
  8. Illness, worry, time, noise, lack of name a few.
  9. Who are some people you admire for their creativity?
  10. My friend Kelly, who paints absolutely delightful miniatures and portraits. Paul and Janet and the rest of the world's pastors, who craft messages every week to bring God's word to the rest of us. Trud, who throws fabric at actors and turns them into completely different people. Christy, Jay, Annie and all the other musicians I know whose voices are sublime. The IT people I know--Nick, Mike, Al, Ron (why are there no women?!)--who develop and fix code that does everything from stopping security breaches to connecting people to one another across the globe. I am fortunate to know a lot of teachers who are creatively educating children (and adults) every single day.

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m.k. dwyer said...

Your answers for #5 warmed me on a morning when I needed something like that. :) Have a great weekend.

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